Graham Sporting Goods Middle School Football Finals for Today(J-town, Mendenhall, NWG, EG, Aycock and Kernodle winners)

FINAL from the Championship Game at Ragsdale High School and Jordan Stowe will have photos on this game later on tonight…The Jamestown Tigers are the Champions of their Conference….Good job Coach Kurt and the kids….

Jamestown 36
Southwest Guilford 12

Courtesy of Brian Herndon and Jordan Stowe

Mendenhall 44
Kiser 16

Courtesy of Robert Stutts

Northwest Guilford 20
Northern Guilford 6

NWG was up 8-6 at the half and the Vikings got themselves an 88-yard interception return, with 43.4 seconds left in the game and at that time the score was 14-6 NWG and then that INT sealed the win for Northwest….
Courtesy of the Northern Guilford scoreboard

Aycock 30
Northeast Guilford 26

Courtesy of the Page HS scoreboard

Eastern Guilford 22
Southern Guilford 0

Courtesy of Drob1211

Kernodle 22
Southeast Guilford 0

Courtesy of TriadWatch

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  1. The correct score of the Jamestown vs. Southwest game tonight was 36-12 Jamestown. Jamestown outscored their conference opponents 97-18. Great Job Jamestown!

  2. Thanks coach we got you square and again, “Good job by Coach Curt and the kids”…..Photos will follow…..

    I wasn’t at this one, but you know we were there this past Monday at NWG….

    Busy day with scores and we thank all of those that helped get them in….

    Beleive it or not, some teams are still playing next week, or at least that is the word we got from our road man, Robert Stutts….

  3. Jamestown looked really good today. Lots of size and they were loaded in the backfield. Don’t remember the names but #44, #32, #34 and especially #7 ran hard and showed speed and vision. QB looked good too. And the defense really got after it in the second half.

    QB for SW #2 was a player as well. He had a nice TD on defense picking off a tipped pass. Great win for Jamestown. Can’t wait see how they do once Norwood gets ahold of them at Ragsdale.

    And that was a great crowd too for a middle school game.

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