Photos: Jamestown versus Southwest Guilford Middle School Football

Jordan Stowe was out Wednesday night and took these photos from the Jamestown versus Ragsdale Middle School Football game.

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  1. Great job on the pictures. easy access to them. Good job doing this for the kids.

    Pretty good game with some very good players. Alan Hooker’s son is a good QB for SWG and a very good athlete.

    Jamestown has several good players. If ragsdale can keep those boys from transferring they should be good in a few years. Several good RB’s, a very good QB, several good looking linemen and defenders. Very good middle school team.

    Overall a very good football game.

  2. Excellent job by our photographer Jordan Stowe and we had a good day of Middle School football on Wednesday and congrats again to Coach Curt and the kids….With the help of all of our Middle School spotters we were able to track 6 middle school games yesterday and it has been a very good year….

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