Top Ten High School Football Poll for the last week of the regular season

*****Not a ton of change in the Poll, but we did have a few teams move around and really can’t move some teams too far, based upon the fact of who they have beaten….If one team, had defeated another, it is hard to move that team over the other, unless the one team has just had a total collapse….See what you think, with final Top Ten of the regular season, listed below….*****

1)Northern Guilford(9-0)
2)Southern Guilford(8-1)
3)High Point Central(8-2)
4)Northwest Guiford(7-3)
7)High Point Andrews(8-1)
9)Southeast Guilford(6-3)
10)Northeast Guilford(6-3)


  1. Hard to get the Whirlies in there at (4-5) and they did beat SEG, but SEG turned right around and smacked Western Guilford last week, so this for Grimsley right now, is all about trying to get into the playoffs and not trying to get into the poll….

    They cut the lights out early at Jamieson last night(Dudley rolled)…I got there at 9 and it was all over and tonight at Dudley, what will we see??? If Grimsley beats Dudley on the same weekend as the N.C. A&T Homecoming, you might see a Parade back up East Lee Street, with the Grimsley band leading the way back toward Westover Terrace……

  2. If we win tonight I will streak down East Lee and Andy and Hornet knows…this will not be pretty.

  3. Please, please, please, whatever it takes to keep Gfan dressed and guessing as opposed to strutting his stuff will be much appreciated!

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