Are you kidding me? Gio Bernard and North Carolina beat N.C. State

Final from Chapel Hill:
North Carolna 43
N.C. State 35

*****Larry Fedora sends Gio Bernard into the game in place of Roy Smith on the punt return team and Gio means Go and he takes the N.C. State punt back all the way for 73 yards and a touchdown and the Tar Heels top the Wolfpack for the first time in five years and it is all over in Chapel Hill, with the Heels winning, 43-35…..*****


  1. There is no such title. Just be happy with the bell. I assume someone is still around who remembers where to keep it.

    Hey, was the Dookie able to play today. You know the one that was blindsided and nearly killed last week. Just been real worried about him. I know it was a serious injury. I could tell by his reaction on the field. You just can’t fake that stuff.

  2. And that is hard to process and even tougher to fathom….When is that last time that has happened? Back when Leon Hart was there???

  3. TOB has to be the biggest idiot coach I have ever seen.

    Glennon was killing them and our coach completely set on it then directly kicked it to Gio, what a idiot he must go.

    We throw our own under the bus every chance we get so guess what O`brien your it.

    Those uni`s they had on was completely off the chain if I have to say so myself.

    Back to be unrelevant. This is NC State sports people.

  4. I still can’t believe N.C. State punted the ball to Gio Bernard….That was foolish, they should have just punted it upfield and out of bounds and thus non-returnable…..

  5. So Andy, I guess my post abot TOB was a bit prophetic. Didnt take long at all did it? I is just smart that a way.

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