High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:Playoff Brackets and Pairings will be up later on this afternoon

Got most of our news up last night with the Names and Numbers and our list of the Conference Standings and now all we have is the waiting game, for the NCHSAA to come out with the Brackets and the Pairings for next week’s Round One of the playoffs…

You can reach them at www.nchsaa.org, that is if you can get in, but if you keep it here and keep on checking back with us, we will have all of that news up here for you later on this afternoon and then we can all begin to speculate about what is going to happen, with all of the different teams, in all of the different places….

Northern Guilford should get the best seed of all, with High Point Andrews just behind them and then Southern Guilford and Page, ought to get very good spots too, at least for the first few rounds….

Gonna be a little tighter for Ragsdale, Southeast Guilford, Western Guilford and Grimsley and Northeast Guilford is probably talking a road trip in Round One…

Dudley, High Point Central and Northwest Guilford could get decent positions for Round One….

Definitely out of contention for playoff spots are Smith, Eastern Guilford and Southwest Guilford…..

Our thoughts and prayers go out today to John Ervin(High Point Central) who broke his ankle in the Ragsdale game last night and we wish for John, a speedy and complete recovery…..

As far as the playoffs go, “Let the Postulating Begin”…..

+++++All you can do now, is get ready and wait….*****

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  1. John Ervin “Jon-Jon”, will be very missed in the rest of our season. Jon-Jon was a great adition to our program. I know he is very disappointed in not being able to be on the field with his teammates. I can say for certain that the High Point Central Bison are on a mission and the rest of this season will be special for the Bison and for our man Jon-Jon. This journey to “The Hill” will be dedicated to Jon-Jon. Keep your head up Jon-Jon, this is for you brother!!!

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