All of our Comments so far on the High School Football Playoff Brackets and our local games

Tom says:
October 27, 2012 at 7:46 pm
How does the undefeated two time defending State Champs not get a number one seed? How is that possible? NG is getting hosed.

Jenny says:
October 27, 2012 at 8:15 pm
I kinda agree with you Tom. I does seem however that Northern may have caught a semi break since the # 3 and # 4 overall seeds were placed in the # 1 overall seeds bracket. I looks like Northern’s highest remaining overall seed is the # 5 but overall, it kinda leaves you scratching your head…

Andy Durham says:
October 27, 2012 at 8:39 pm
You get Four teams with the (10-0) records in Northern Guilford, Wilson Hunt, Triton and Cardinal Gibbons and then you have to draw among the Four to see who will be #1….With the odds being 1 in 4 of getting the #1, Northern did pretty good to get the #2 overall and Triton got the overall #1 in the 3-AA East…..

The Page Pirates got a huge break last year when they were drawn to be the overall #1 in the West and that kept home throughout the playoffs as long as they kept on winning…..Page won them all and they only had to travel as far as Wake Forest’ BB&T Field in the playoffs….Nothern would end up at BB&T this year….I would love to see Northern vs. Wilson Hunt again this year and this time at Northern for the 3-AA East Regional Title….

Richard Jason says:
October 28, 2012 at 1:45 pm
A better question is how you don’t have NE vs. Rock and C. Cabarrus v. West Rowan…..if the pod systems are about saving money and doing the rght thing for schools it doesn’t make any sense. NE and C.Cabarrus can wave to each other as they pass by heading opposite directions for their game.

Andy Durham says:
October 28, 2012 at 2:49 pm
Another thing to look at is why not a game with Northwest Guilford at Page and Rocky River at Charlotte Independence…Makes a lot more sense when you look at it from a Geographic Pod System standpoint….Might give Page a tougher First Round opponent, but Rocky River and NWG are both 7-3….

KIR says:
October 27, 2012 at 2:42 pm
Page would play East Forsyth in round 2 if Pirates defeat Rocky River and EF beats Providence. Does Ricky Proehl son Austin play for Providence?

Andy Durham says:
October 27, 2012 at 4:38 pm
Austin Proehl is the main wide receiver and the backup QB for Providence High…

We could see Southern Guilford at Northern Guilford in Round Three….T.J. Logan vs. Malik Moseley and Reggie Gallaspy matchup….

Could see Duldey vs. Western Guilford and Ragsdale vs. High Point Central in Round Two….Maybe Dudley vs. Central Round Three???

Like was said earlier we might see Page at East Forsyth in Round Two….

Sasha says:
October 27, 2012 at 4:47 pm
The finalized brackets are now up – in the 3AA Midwest, North Forsyth got shafted. They were the #2 seed out of Mid-Piedmont while AL Brown was the #3 seed out of the South Piedmont but AL Brown (after their loss to Concord last night) has been seeded 4th and NF as 5th. North Forsyth should have been seeded higher. I am not a NF fan so this is not sour grapes on my part. You have to wonder where the NF AD or conference president is today.

Here is how our local teams stack up….

Piedmont(5-5) at High Point Andrews(9-1) on Thursday night at Simeon Stadium

Northeast Guilford(7-3) at West Rowan(8-2)

Asheboro(4-6) at Northern Guioford(10-0)
Westover(4-6) at Southern Guilford(9-1)….SG going 3-AA instead of 3-A….

Southeast Guilford(6-4) at Durham Hillside(8-2)

Western Guilford(4-6) at North Davidson(10-0)
Ragsdale(7-3) at Davie County(8-2)
Mount Tabor(5-5) at High Point Central(9-1)
WS Reagan(8-2) at Dudley(6-4)

Northwest Guilford(7-3) at Charlotte Independence(9-1)
Rocky River(7-3) at Page(6-4)

CLICK HERE to see all of the brackets for all of the teams throughout the state…..


  1. Every team want’s the most favorable result of a coin toss or three way draw out of a NCHSAA hat , but to me my teams playoff destiny was written during the regular season. Plain and simple , win more season games and get more home playoff games.Coaches should know to game plan the x and o’s but also stess the mental toughness to go into a hostile environment and WIN!! I know all I can do about it is google up, gas up and go up wherever , whenever and be the loud proud 12th man
    I”m ready!!!
    Go get em local teams!!

  2. I am very disappointed my Whirlies did not get in but I wish the best to all of our local teams in the playoffs. Whirlies were much improved this year and they have something to build on for next year.

    Page vs EF is going to be a great game if they both make it to that point. I will be there.

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