News and Record high school sports writer Jason Wolf heads into the ‘Eye of the Storm’

Jason Wolf tweet, as he began his new job today, returning to his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…..

I’ve been hired to cover the @Sixers & help on @Eagles & @Phillies beats for the Wilmington (Del) News Journal & Camden (NJ) Courier-Post!

The Wolf has headed into the ‘Eye of the Storm’….

He used to battle the storms(high school sports) over the Greensboro area, as he fought with Hurricane Andy(Durham) for the top posts and now his post includes an early fight, with Hurricane Sandy…..

The more things change, the more the stay the same….Famous last words of Bob Licht(Greensboro Hornets/Charlotte Hornets) before he left town for New Orleans, where soon after his arrival, he and George Shinn were battling Hurricane Katrina….Bob is probably the only sports announcer to do the direct call for both the Greensboro Hornets(SAL baseball) and the Charlotte Hornets(NBA)…..

Jason Wolf is now in the line, to be the next up in the long line of Great Jersey Shores sports personalities…The last was Danny Mackay(Spaz), from Greensboro College and the Greensboro Bats/Grasshoppers…..

Good Luck to ‘The Wolf’…….


  1. It is unfortunate that we lost his reporting from the News & Record. His sports reporting was nearly the only updated sports reporting the N&R would provide during the sports season especially basketball season. He use to provide some interesting 1on1 player interviews. The N&R was bad with Jason being one of the few bright spots but it is absolutely worse without him. Jason may be fighting high winds today in Wilmington, Del but at least he is off the sinking ship that is the N&R.

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