Looking at our Guilford County Teams, who has the best shot/shots to win and who stays the longest?

Who has the best shot or shots to win the NCHSAA Titles and how long does each of our teams last in the playoffs???

Let’s stack them up in some kind of order and this is how it might look if the clock were on and running toward December 1, the last official day of the season….

Lasting the longest in the playoffs for 2012 among our Guilford County teams that are still in the playoffs….

1)Northern Guilford…..Will make it to Round 5 and face a tough team from the 3-AA West(South Point, Charlotte Catholic, Crest, Statesville and Hickory Ridge, but still look for Northern Guilford to bring #3 home….
2)High Point Andrews…Will make it to Round Three…There’s something about Salisbury…
3)High Point Central…Will make it to Round Three…North Davidson looks to be the stumbling block…
4)Southern Guilford…Storm look to be a Round Three entry at Northern Guilford…
5)Dudley..Look for Panthers in Round Two at North Davidson..
6)Page..Should find the Pirates in Round Two at East Forsyth and that would be a toughie..
7)Northeast Guilford.Hard road game at Two-time State Champ West Rowan.
8)Northwest Guilford.Rough draw to have to start on the road at Independence.
9)Ragsdale.Got to go to Davie County and unless the War Eagles have fallen off from what they were early in the season, mighty tough.
10)Southeast Guilford.SEG can’t seem to catch a break, as Falcons always seem to go East and they keep on seeing teams like Hillside.
11)Western Guilford.Glad the Hornets got in, but having to go to North Davidson? Black Knights are (10-0) for a reason.

*****The way we have this thing shaping up is, that we have 5 teams falling in Round One, we lose two more in Round Two and then we have Four teams going to Round Three and then after that, it is all on Northern Guilford…..*****

Let’s hear what the rest of you have to say….Just an early indicator, but we may be on the money, you never know…..


  1. Like Northern to win it all. I think Ragsdale could beat Davie County. I think Northwest will beat Independence actually (learned a lot after winning at Richmond, one of the toughest placs to play in the state last year) but then Butler will crush them. Page and East Forsyth is what I’m looking forward to seeing. Lot of folks been saying EF is last years Page, and Page playing with a ton of momentum and confidence right now. Dont think the Pirates have enough to make a state title run again, but i do think they have a good chance at pulling a shocker in Winston 2 fridays from now.

  2. East Forsyth – Tough 1st game- I know Providence is 5-5 but losses came to Hough, Rocky River, Butler, Indy, Mallard I think?
    East Wins

    Page – Wins a tough one – Rocky river finds ways to lose and coming off a beat down at Myers Park.

    HPC- Tabor is reeling after losing to Reagan- hpc. HPC still can’t run the ball and will be their downfall (especially with the injury Friday)

    Northwest- yeah tough for them, they go from one state powerhouse (Richmond 4years straight) to Indy. Still I like NW in this one, rested coming off a bye. They have played only a couple bad quarters vs. HPC and Northern this year. I’d still love to see a EF rematch after that classic one two weeks ago.

    Ragsdale- Lets see the heart if the Tigers. Got totally screwed by the refs last week. Had to be there to believe it. Still Davie is pretty good – Davie close one.

    Dudley – look for the upset of North Davidson (you heard it here first)

    Andrews its 2A football but Andrews isn’t your typcal 2a team – they might take it all.

    Northern- no tough opponents till the finals. They are always rested up after four weeks off of conference opponents.

    Western and Southeast are brining knives to gun fights – but still solid seasons

    I like Butler and Richmond in finals
    4a= Scotland
    3aa= Northern
    3a= West Rowan
    2a Andrews

  3. Talked to a Page dad this morning. He said the coach refuses to play all the seniors. I told him is doesn’t work that way, that you have to put your best 11 on the field. Any other thoughts on that?

  4. Butler- Better than last year and they WERE the best team in the state then!
    New Bern- Beat Havelock and crushed Hillside
    Charlotte Catholic- Solid on both sides of the ball, will contain Logan (toughest bracket in the state) think winner of this bracket takes NG
    Havelock- Most dominate team (speed wise) u might see in a long time, should win it with ease
    Northside (Jax)- Toss up between them and Andrews

    Vegas Mike

  5. To Hornet 77. You have to be kidding me. Of course Coach G and his staff will put the best players on the field. If they aren’t all seniors too bad. I am not sure of the number of starters who are or aren’t seniors but that has to be a lame comment from a dad whose son is not playing. Now to play? Be the best on the field in your position. That is what I think!

  6. To 77 Hornet: Yep, best 11 on the field…this is not the time to honor seniors. It’s time to win games no matter what. Are you even asking for real? As for Ragsdale, you are SO right…absolutely no holding on two touchdowns by QB…quite clear on game film. Those two TD’s and 14 points could have changed game momentum. They do need to clean up their legit penalties…but to call them when they don’t happen–just not right. And yep–they sure can win. Let’s see the heart and eyes of the Tiger!

  7. You guys have got to be kidding me, lol

    First to the guy that said HPC can’t run, if you were at the game you would noticed HPC ran the ball much better in the 2nd half than in the 1st half against Ragsdale as that was after the injury to John in the 2nd quarter. Tough loss for the Bison but there shouldn’t be any dropoff in that area.

    Now to the good stuff about Ragsdale getting hosed give me a break LOL, I saw and called out the block in the back on that punt return before the ref even threw the flag, that wasn’t some phantom call, the other two call backs were legit as well if you didn’t have your Tiger shades on, and both those drives ended in field-goals but for argument sakes let’s just say those touchdowns stand, you still only have 17 points. HPC scored 27. RHS was completely shut down in the 2nd half and had no answer for the Bison defense, the score board doesn’t lie, the better record and better team won period.

  8. Also Andy I disagree about HPC of course, we’re on the march to Chapel Hill.

    But I also strongly disagree about Andrews, there isn’t anything about Salisbury thy struggled and should have lost to Thomasville, I was at the Andrews vs Thomasville game earlier in the year and Andrews had that game won by halftime 35-0 and without penalties it could have easily been 50-0 at half. Now if Salisbury struggled to stop Thomasville’s one RB how do they plan to contain Andrews who can throw about 3 or 4 of those type backs at you and also has a underrated passing attack as well. also Andrews is defense is one of the best in 2A. Probably the 2nd best defense the Bison have played all year behind East Forsyth.

  9. You obviously haven’t seen the film. It is what is but just sayin’… It’s so easy to call it an easy win when you win and obviously don’t even care to check out the film. Good luck to all.

  10. Hope you are right about HP Andrews and I’d like to see them go all the way, but something tells me that the Salisbury game might be closer than we think….What hurts HPA to some degree is the weak competition that they saw in their conference this year…Some of those scores were down right lopsided and I hope the lack of comp in the PAC 6 2-A doesn’t hurt them in the playoffs…Good people at Andews and they could use a big boost in the playoffs and good luck to the Red Raiders…Hope that lack of comp doesn’t bite them in the later rounds….

  11. Andy,
    I spoke with a WG dad today. He said he thought the coach would rather eat vomit and lose in the state championship rather than play his son. Whatta think huh? Is it a good thing or not? I’m sure there are coaches out there that like losing. Just asking.

  12. I think the coaches want what is best for their team and as far as who plays and why they play, I trust the coach’s judgement and I feel the coaches are going to what is best and what is right for their teams…I don’t put a lot of stock in paarent’s theories…Too many parents spend too much time sitting around trying to figure out why their kid isn’t playing…Let the coach do their job and trust them to do their job right…

    If anybody wants it any different go get your degree and you can get your chance to run the team the way you want to….

    Coaching is a hard/tough job these days and the coaches need the parents’ support…..

    Maybe not the answer everyone would want to hear, but that is how I see it….Once I was in school back in the day, I wanted to coach one day and I got my degree and I got my shot….Not an easy spot, but the hard work is sure worth when you have success and your team does things the riight way….

  13. Good luck Tigers! Been a tough season, but keep your heads up. I’ve seen many GREAT plays on the field, which shows that youve got what it takes to win the playoffs.

  14. i agree with andy that piedmont team might cause some problems for hpa. they have played a tough schedule well as hpa hasnt really played anyone since the game with hpc. greensboro smith game was a tough game hpa only scored 7 points . i think smith didnt win a game this year. so with that being said what team shows up thursday night could be the deal breaker. not taking anything away from hpa but i really dont think those guys have played a full game since smith with all the blow outs they have had in the last 7weeks, i wonder can they play a full game with this team that is not that bad. i looked up the number and hpa has only given up 57 points the entire year. but as andy stated their schedule was weak and scores lopsided . this could be a very interesting game. i am agreeing with andy. good luck to hpa as they go into the playoffs, teams do get better as you go . will the lack of competition hurt them down the road ? we will see thursday night.

  15. I didn’t want to come on here but I made a choice to come to the defense of both HPC& HPA. I’ll start with Andrews first by asking this one simple question. Why aren’t teams like Richmond County & Butler questioned on a week to week basis of the teams they blew out by 40-50 points? I don’t think those teams play high level competition every single week but no one questions that. HPA may have played some weak teams this season, but that’s not on them, you have to play the opponent that is on the schedule. As for HPC, that is a team that will be ready to go, & yes it will face challenges throughout the playoffs to teams like Davie, ND or even Ragsdale, but that is why we play the games. If HPC can fire off on all cylinders & limit the mistakes on offense, that team will be right back where it was in 2010 working a run to the Title game. Just my question take on the matter with those two ball clubs.

  16. Because the teams Butler and Richmond beat would beat Andrews, and beat em pretty good! oh, and Butler would beat smith by 80! that could be why!!

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