Gonna be hard to select your Top Ten boys basketball players as the new season gets under way

Gonna be hard to nail down that Top Ten for the boys as practice gets rolling today at the public schools and it began for the private schools back on Monday…

We looked at a girls Top Ten yesterday and when you at the boys it is tough to come up with just a ten and then even harder if you just wanted to nail down a five….

It could look like this if you had to squeeze in a ten…

Theo Pinson(WES)
Jackson Kent(HPCA)
Sam Hunt(Dudley)
Reggie Dillard(GDS)
Jaquel Richmond(WES)
Reed Lucas(GDS)
Chuck Ogbodo(HPCA)
Cody Hylton(NWG)
Terrell Leach(SWG)
Diante Baldwin(HPCA)

On the run to get into the Top Ten are Christian Hairston(GDS). Michael Kobani(HPCA), Trey Chapman(WES), Obi-Rapu Jr.(NGFS), Jalen Gavin(Page), Harry Giles(WES), the kid from Grimsley that was a sophomore last year, John Terry(GDS), Montrell Goldston(GDS), Carter Stanley(Page) and more….


  1. Out of the 20 players listed, 13 are from GDS/HPCA/WES. GDS(5) HPCA (4) WES (4) The PACIS is going to be very competitive this year.

  2. Of the 13 PACIS players all but one have reclassed. They ought to be some of the best in the area.

  3. Wow,You don’t put Terell Leach up there he was amazing the past three years and look for him to kill again this year

  4. This is a good list but, come on no Devan Gregory over at Dudley. this kidcan really play the coaching over there should have gave him more min. last year. I’ll bet money he’ll be the show stopper this year with Seagraves coaching. Devan Gregory (11), watch him move into that list.3

  5. With all due respect, go watch Kanayo Obi-Rapu play and then tell me that there are 2-3 better players around. Not only is he top 5 but he may be better than that.


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