‘Bucket of Chicken’ comment has FOX’s Terry Bradshaw in hot gravy

Terry Bradshaw said Miami Dolphins’ runnigback Reggie Bush was running like he was chasing a ‘Bucket of Chicken’ blowing in the wind on Sunday and now Bradshaw is in hot water(gravy) for his comment and you can read more about and see if you agree, that TB made the wrong comment on Sunday…He was working on an inside joke for his FOX studio partner Jimmy Johnson….

CLICK HERE for the ‘Bucket of Chicken’ report…..


  1. Come on now having a Dust up over a Bucket of Chicken comment. Some people need to grow up. I’M just glad that he didn’t give De’Anthony Thomas his Nick Name.

  2. He made the comment after eating a box of big, fat crackers.

    Everyone should know that the only persons that can still be picked on in this age of hyped sensitivity is white folks and fat people.

  3. Bradshaw has been in broadcasting long enough to know that you dont say things like that, but at the same time Bradshaw is a good ole boy and he is prone to say good ole boy things. I guess the next time an NFL player says something out of context, then Bradhaw should not say anything. Fair?

  4. One of the other taxing questions is, “Who has the best Fried Chicken in town?”…..

    Kentucky Fried
    Mrs. Winners
    Spring Valley Restaurant

  5. Did Kenny Rogers Chicken ever make it to Greensboro? I don’t remember seeing one around here….I heard it was pretty good, but never got the chance to sample it….Another Chicken Challenger may be Golden Corral….They usually have very good fried and baked chicken….

  6. My grandmother, PERIOD!

    Vegas Mike

    P.S. His remarks were directed towards Jimmy Johnson, its been heard several times how much Jimmy loves chicken… they pick on him constantly.

  7. Anybody remeber Bobby’s Takeout Seafood and Chicken on just off of Liberty Road near 421-South??? It was in the old Liberty Road Shopping Center and they used to serve up some of the best Fried Chicken around….That small stretch of road that they were on might have still been part off Pleasant Garden Road…Again, they were in the old Liberty Road Shopping Center near the Bi-Rite Grocery Store….

    Bobby’s later moved out near the Airport for a while, just off of Edgefield Road and that was some fine Fried Chicken and Jimmy Johnson would have loved it….

  8. Why is it that people are freaking out about Bradshaw saying bucket of chicken….

    Don Imus says nappy hoes and gets in trouble…..

    But Stephen A Smith can drop the N Bomb on national TV and doesn’t even have to apologize? Can anyone say double standard….

  9. I heard Howie Long on Dan Patrick this morning and Dan asked him about the supposed “controversy”.

    Howie said everyone getting upset was the dumbest thing he had ever heard. That they tease Jimmy all the time about his love for fried chicken and his wife has a fit about it because of his health issues and his supposed healthy eating. If you listen to the comment he says: It was like you Jimmy chasing that bucket of chicken.

    Howie said the controversy was stupid. Nothing to it other than kidding Jimmy.

    Unbelievable how we have to be so careful about being politically correct. Most of the people complaining probably didn’t even hear the comment.

  10. Calling out “Mike E” and “77 Hornet”. Both of you are still living in the 1950s or 1960s. If you all still think this is appropriate or something to laugh about then you a fossil before our eyes. There was a time that “whites” (not all but it was labeled as such) could just make bold, secret or public statements about any other group indirectly or directly and nobody within the media would question it. Fortunately things have changed and equal voices are given to having a voice to say just how stupid such comments are in today’s world. Yes – there are still some double standards but at least the other side has a voice today in the media unlike when I grow up in the late 60s and 70s.

  11. @Things have changed, You a very very wrong and it’s sad that you have taken this thing as racial. Terry was talking about Jimmy Johnson and not Reggie Bush . I don’t think you even listened to the broadcast so until you do, quit your beefin.

  12. The broadcasters have a tendency to get silly and to share some inside jokes and it seems like most of the them come from between Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson…I guess all of that silliness gets people talking as it has done here…..Bradshaw and Johnson have their credentials since both have very extensive and successful pro football backgrounds….Sometimes it is best to look at this as in it’s whole context and i think that is what Mike and Hornet 77 were doing….This wasn’t as much about Reggie Bush as it was Bradshaw trying to make a silly point with Jimmy Johnson….There is a lot of sensitivity on the table these days and we have to be careful how we serve it up, but with Bradshaw and Johnson’s background they are both very smart and they still try to come across as Good Ole Boys and both are probably known for eating a lot of chicken and as was mentioned earlier, Johnson does not need to be eating that chicken with his heart condition….

    Brashaw’s comment could have been made in reference to any runningback in any game, but I’d say if made the comments they would have been going toward black back, since there are not many white runningbacks at all in the game any more….You look at the teams when they show the photo lineups on TV on Sunday…There are not many white players at all on the field and that is just a fact and it goes with how the times have changed and that is just the way it is….

    I don’t know exactly how NBC lines there football studio teams up cause I don’t see there pregame shows cause I am usually down at the basketball court when they start up, but both CBS and FOX try to balance out the broadcast teams racially with FOX at three whites and two blacks and CBS at three whites and two blacks….FOX with lead man Curt Menefee and Michael Strahan(black) and FOX with Howie Long, Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson(White)….CBS with lead man James Brown and Shannon Sharpe(Black) and Dan Marino, Bommer Easiason and Bill Cowher(White)……Of all of those men, I feel Howie Long is the most under utlized….Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson carry on so much, I think Howie Long is just sitting there and he could be adding so much more to the pre-game show….Howie to me and maybe to others too, he seems very intelligent and I like his input…On the CBS show Dan Marino seems to be the odd-man out and I feel he could contribute more…..

    We all have levels of sensitivity and today the call is to be politically correct….Wonder how a guy like the Donavan character from the old HTS show Donovan, Lacey and Friends would do on the CBS, FOX or NBC today….Maybe it was Jim Donovan….He was a Colts player back in the day…To me, Irv Cross was one of the best ever…With Irv Cross, Brent Musberger, Phyllis George and Jimmy the Greek, you had one heck of a team….Jayne Kennedy was brought on board later, but I still like Phyllis George better…..

    The sensitivity factor is a big factor these days and what about Bryant Gumbel and Greg Gumbel, they both used to be host…..

    In watching the Election Reports last night they kept on talking about the vote of the ‘White Woman’ and I’m not sure that shouldn’t raise a few eyebrows….White Woman or White Women, the Black Vote and even the push to project the Hispanic Vote….How can you say, but it does border on stereotyping when you start talking about a White Woman or a Black Woman, wouldn’t you say…..

    There are a lot of ways to slice this bread and I won’t call it ‘White Bread’ or even to refer to home slice, but this day and time constant references can get under people’s, not matter if it is white, black or light brown and how do you categorize all the skin colors these days and still politically correct??? Whites, Blacks and Light Brown people(Hispanics)….

    There is just one way to categorize, ‘People are People’ and they all make mistakes…Everything you say could possibly hurt somebody in some way, you just have to be dareful and in the end, all parties have to let it roll off their backs like the ducks do and keep on ‘Moving On’, like Will and Sonny said to do and that was Will and Sonny from the old TV show, ‘Moving On’……

  13. What I am trying to help you understand “77 Hornet” is that you cannot just throw out these type of statements that you made without qualifying your statement. No I did not see the Fox broadcast but that is my exact point. I did not see it and most people did not see. So when you make such statements people will take it as “your” words first. I don’t know you but my imagine of you is not what you probably are. Jimmy the Greek was once a larger than life sports guy but he lost it all trying to make crazy statements in a public format. I realize that you were just repeating what someone else said and you likely meant it as a simple joke but please know that those type of jokes should stay in a private setting and never come into a public format. It shows your lack of understand of what others have experienced. You may say that others are just being to sensivity but that is easy to say when it does not affect you and those that you know. I realize that you still may not understand but that is okay. I have done my part in calling you out on what was said and that is all I can do. 40 or even 20 years ago, I likely would not have had a format to equally call you out or express my point of view. Fortunate we all can express our views today without getting our heads cut off or react to others that may want to cut our heads off. Hopefully the games are better this weekend than Terry’s stupid comments.

  14. What it boils down to is some people are way to damn sensitive! When rappers go around dropping the N Bomb in every sentence its ok. But if a white person says bucket of chicken he needs to apologize and resign ASAP. I Wish everyone would quit playing the freaking Race Card!

  15. Just Sayin – you are just not listening. If a rapper uses words such as N Bomb on this site, then they will be called out also. Also why are you just pointing out the rappers using bad words. What about all of the “rock and roll” groups that use bad words and carry a lot of satan symbols throughout their act. Let’s not act like one side does something that the other does not. The bottomline is that people or groups need to be called out when they make mistakes. You will not hear me defending a rapper group using bad words no more than I would expect you to do it for them or a rock and roll group. Everybody should atone for the things that they are doing wrong whether you are black, white, or other – rapper, rocker, country music or other – baller, jump roper, cyclist or other. There is no need to continue trying to defend what Terry Bradshaw said or what a few others on this site thought were just innocent jokes. Wrong is wrong.

  16. Lots of different opinions to stir the pot(Chicken Pot)….And glad it’s Chicken Pot and not Chicken Pox….

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