High School Football Games coming up this week with Round Two of the NCHSAA Playoffs

Early Favorites???

Round Two Playoffs this week:
Page(7-4) at East Forsyth(12-0)
Southeast Guilford(7-4) at Fayetteville Smith(10-1)
Dudley(7-4) at North Davidson(12-0)

Chapel Hill(9-3) at Northern Guilford(11-0)
Overhills(7-4) at Southern Guilford(10-1)

West Stokes(6-5) at High Point Andrews(10-1)


  1. I am hearing a lot of people leaning this way with:

    East Forsyth
    E.E. Smith
    North Davidson
    Northern Guilford
    Southern Guilford
    High Point Andrews

    Those records for East and North Davidson(both 12-0) are grabbing people’s attention, but as has been noted, Page has now won 7 games in a-row….NWG played East to a four-point game, 28-24….Page will need a superior game from Jordan Putnam….Many folks were giving up on JP at the first of the year, when Page started out at (0-4), but he has really come on strong for the Pirates and has them one game away from Charlotte and either Butler or Independence..

    Can the SEG Falcons make it another Upset Special this week at Fayetteville’s E.E. Smith???.

    There are also quite a few fans out there in the huddle that would really like to see the Guilford County Battle of the North vs. the South in Round Three….Southern Guilford at Northern Guilford and that could happen if both teams hold up through Round Two….

    Dudley has enough offfense when RH3 gets hot, but can they stop the Tuttle kids at North Davdison…I think one of the Tuttles is named Sly or Shy Tuttle and they are sons of Perry Tuttle from North Davidson and the National Championshiip team at Clemson in 1981…..

    HIgh Point Andrews seems to be riding a ‘Wave of Destiny’…….

    Just a few thoughts on the teams and the games and all are more than welcome to add more……

  2. My head tells me that the picks above are correct but in my heart I want to see all the GC teams especially the Metro Teams come out with the upsets this week. I think we will get at least one upset this week.

  3. Just throwing some early lines at you!

    Round Two Playoffs this week:
    Page(7-4) at East Forsyth(12-0) EF -10
    Southeast Guilford(7-4) at Fayetteville Smith(10-1) EE Smith -9.5
    Dudley(7-4) at North Davidson(12-0) ND -8.5

    Chapel Hill(9-3) at Northern Guilford(11-0) NG -17
    Overhills(7-4) at Southern Guilford(10-1) SG -2

    West Stokes(6-5) at High Point Andrews(10-1) HPA -13

  4. Mike what was you final count last week….Would love to take a look back at your numbers and mine went (9-2), but that was just wins and losses and HP Central jumped up and bit me and SEG was a suprise that took me down….

    Just curious and always fun to look back and then to look ahead to the games……


  5. Page in an upset. I have said from the beginning not to count this group out. They’ll step up big and then bow out gracefully the following week. The SEG game depends on how well the defense plays. If Craven can play turnover free, he can make enough throws to keep the defense honest. With Turner and Petty, the running game is solid behind that O line. The talent is there.

  6. Andy,
    Just making lines this year, doesnt really reflect who I think is going to win the game… let me clarify.. I put these lines up based on Information I research (and its a ton) as I think Vegas would see these games… Its something I do for fun and hope people can enjoy. I got out of really “picking games” and “giving my opinions” about games b/c of how upset I was making people. Im passionate about sports and try to be a realist when blogging. Good luck to all Guilford Co teams as always! I hope you have enjoyed my lines this year. Any feedback on how u thought I did??
    btw… I think I was 9-2 last week, just didnt put it on here. As always, thank you for everything you do for this community and giving us “crazies” a place to go talk sports!

    Vegas Mike

  7. VM I have enjoyed your lines this season. I know I have overreacted to some of your posts in the past. I guess I was the jerk you first dubbed you Vegas Mike.

    I do really believe you now that you do a ton of research on these games and have more of a statewide view when most of us are only concerned and emotionally invested in the local teams. My apologies and post on my brother you are alright by me. I do reserve the right to pick on you periodically but you have my respect.

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