‘Historically Speaking’:Best QB’s and RB’s from our remaining teams in the HS Football Playoffs

Just a few thoughts entering my mind today, as I thought about our remaining teams in the high school football playoffs and the history thereof, of those teams and their best quarterbacks and runningbacks at those schools over the years and those were the major name players and some names to remember, as we look back all-time…..

Let’s follow the rules of the alphabetical order:

Dudley…Top QB all-time could be this year’s man Richard Hayes III(RH3)…This kid has out up some mind-altering numbers this season and we should have them updated later on today…Others include Ricky Lewis Jr. with 2 NCHSAA 3-AA Championships and from our list of the best all-time QB’s that we have seen, I will add in Tre Perry….Lots of neck-and-neck with Hayes and Lewis and you won’t find many teams that rely so heavily on their leaders like these two…
Runningback and we will go with the Panthers Jamaal Edwards who helped lead his team to the 3-AA Title game vs. Gastonia Ashebrook back in 2002….

High Point Andrews…Top QB would be Johnny Evans and the top RB would be Ted Brown and those are some pretty big names…..There was a kid named Rashad Stevenson on one of the title teams back in the 90’s and he was a steady RB, but you may see this year’s top RB, Marquell Cartwright, rank up in the Top 5 all-time to come out of Andrews and the Red Raiders’ 2012 QB Lamar Raynard, is going go down as one of the tops too, but it will take a lot to surpass Evans and Brown….

Northern Guilford…Not a lot of ancient history with the Nighthawks yet, it is still early in their development, but their Top RB back ever and it will take a lot and long time to top what this guy has done, T.J. Logan carries the backfield banner for the Nighthawks in their short time as a Guilford County team and they have now been a varsity team for around six season…..Two 3-AA Titles under their belt and looking for a third and their top QB of all-time??? Take your pick, Rocco Scarfone and Daniel Downing both won Titles while quarterbacking the NG unit in the Championship Battles….

Page…Top QB is tough, because they have had some real good ones….James Summers comes to mind, as does Todd Ellis and Jeff Dunn…Current Pirate followers would quickly select James Summers, I’m sure….If today’s QB could keep the rally going(7 straight wins) and lead his 2012 team to the crown, he would have to rank up there too with James, Todd and Jeff….Top RB would have to be Carlos Doggett and then you look at Marvin Johnson and possibly Drew Rogers…..

Southeast Guilford…RB’s, they are a-plenty with names like Dion Bratcher, Ernie Woods, Charlie Welch and Scott Kemp….QB’s are a lot tougher to nail down, with names like Todd Apple and Bruce Putnam popping up and who else did they have over the years, at the helm of the ‘Falcon Fleet’…The word that I had received over the years, was that Bruce Putnam used to run the show down at SEG….Luke Stewart and maybe the current QB, the Craven kid, will become the name that we will remember for many years to come…..

Southern Guilford…QB’s that were good….I think I might have to say that Alex Good was one of the best and just one year removed from the team, Jamie Cunningham ranks right up there at the top, among the all-time great quarterbacks that played at Southern Guilford…Joey Hackett was good, but not sure if we could call him a great high school QB….For the RB’s, you have to look at the current tandem of Malik Moseley and Reggie Gallaspy and then from the books you’ve got to look back at Scotty Wayne, Warren Scott, William Graves and the brother-combo of Barry and Larry McCuiston….The McCuiston brothers, as a set of combo backs are probably the closest you will get to the modern-day warriors, of Moseley and Gallaspy….Back in the day, in the early-mid 70’s, the McCuiston Brothers could really run it all out….They were a load and they carried the ball like a load of money and not like a loaf of bread….Would be interesting to see how they would match up today, with Moseley and Gallaspy vs. Barry and Larry McCuiston…..

Fun to look back at the names and the games and we may not have gotten them all right, but we did get them out there, where you could see them and talk about them…….


  1. Sounds good to me….We’ll make him a running quaterback and he will be one of our HPA all-time best QB’s…..

  2. But the best RB I have ever seen with both speed and size other then my Bro G. Ford and Cousin Jamaal Edwards. Would have to be my good friend Jimmy Robinson from Northeast Guilford. Jimmy was injured in a playoff game against Fuquay-Varina and was never the same Jimmy Robinson maybe one of the best RB’s of all time in the Greensboro area if not the state.

  3. I have said it once, and I will say it again, Heath Caligan from SE Guilford rushed for over 2000 yds as a junior and a senior. Guilford Co player of the year in football and baseball his senior year, East/West starter (both sports)…. (elected not to play b/c of baseball obligations). The kid has one of the fastest 40 times in SE school history. To never hear his name mentioned is just shameful! Top 10 athletes to EVER to come out of Guilford Co… If you dont know, just ask someone…. If they dont tell u the same thing I would be shocked. and just to put into prospective “what a good athlete” he was… the kid was a catcher and was hitting 90+ on the radar(never pitched) and could throw a pass (football) 60+ yds. Back in the 90’s the Greensboro Green team was for “16 year olds”… he was one of a “few” 15 yr olds to make the Green team, EVER! lol….anyways… I know all of this b/c my son played baseball and football with him. He had shoulder problems his senior year (football related) and never was the same. good kid and great athlete.


  4. I just had Heath on one of my other lists last week when metoining Southeast football and probably ought to add him to this list too…He was a good one for Coach Norwood and I think he went to UNCG for baseball, but it didn’t work out….May well have to add him in here, but he was on one of the other lists last week, so we haven’t forgotten him and he might have been on that APWU team that won the the Palomino World Series back in 1994…..

  5. Andy,
    Caligan had a bunch of D1 offers for baseball… the biggest was Clemson. He accepted a scholarship to play at UNCG b/c he wanted to stay home and play with the likes of Corey Mcdonald, Jonathan Jackson and others he played with for many years. Things happened and he went on to Louisburg where he had a stellar 2 years. Heath was plagued with shoulder problems and caused him to slip a bit. You are correct, he was on the APWU World Series Championship team where he received the “all world” award and went and played in the “all world” game in California. Injuries do happen and its a shame, just part of life.


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