It is time to lock it, Gabe Brockett is like money in your pocket and the Thomasville Bulldogs’ bite now much bigger than bark

Runningback Gabe Brockett looked like he was knocked out cold, on the first play of the second half last Friday night, but he ended up rushing for 372 yards and 4 touchdowns in the Thomasville Bulldogs’ 27-24 win, at heaviley favored Maiden…

This was not a Maiden voyage, as the Blue Devils were having a great year until Brockett hit an extra sprocket and ripped off those TD runs of 51, 32, 14 and 2 yards…..

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  1. Andy, I told you about 5 weeks ago do not count out Allan Brown or the coach that learned alot from Coach Brown, Coach Kevin Gillespie both of them got it turned around.

  2. I’ve got to hand it to you sir….Right you are on all counts….Both coaches ought to be in line for Coach of the Year…….

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