David Thompson(N.C. State) collectible items headed to the auction block

Jerseys, rings, basketballs, trophies and other items all worn or used/signed by David Thompson(Crest HS/N.C. State/Denver/Etc.) will be hitting the auction market in mid-November and you might want to take a look at this list of items, that will be coming available for purchase….

Quite a list and DT is letting them go and he played high school, college and pro and this should show us much his name is really worth, when the dealing gets done…..

CLICK HERE to see what could be your for the right price…..

4 thoughts on “David Thompson(N.C. State) collectible items headed to the auction block

  1. I grew up in Raleigh and attended almost all of his games at State. Though not a State fan, he was simply amazing and that team was special. I hope all is ok with him. It is sad to see him doing something like this.

  2. I think he is doing this so he can have his estate settled and his children and grandchildren will be in position to get the money and the value is probably higher while he is still living and the items will bring more while he is still around to talk about them a little bit…Hope that is the case and that is what I was reading into…

  3. I don’t know if he has written a book or not but I would think he could cover a lot of his debt with a new book and a good book tour. There has to be a way to use whatever is left of “his name” that he can leverage his way out of debt. Maybe I am not aware of just how bad his debt issue may be.

  4. I don’t think it is a money problem….I think he just wants to move the goods so he can get his house in order for his kids and grandkids’ future and he did have a book written about it wa called ‘David Thompson”Skywalker” or something like that….

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