Jim Modlin Memorial Friday Night Scoring Desk – NC HS Football Playoffs – Week #2

10:40 PM – Update #12 – See You Next Week

No. 5 Page (7-5) – 24
No. 2 East Forsyth (13-0) – 44

No. 12 Southeast Guilford (7-5) – 36
No. 3 Fayetteville Smith (12-1) – 54

No. 9 Dudley (7-5) – 26
No. 2 North Davidson (13-0) – 36

No. 11 Chapel Hill (9-4) – 0
No. 2 Northern Guilford (12-0) – 43

No. 6 Spring Lake Overhills (7-5) – 14
No. 5 Southern Guilford (11-1) – 35

No. 9 Rockingham County (9-4) – 12
No. 8 East Rowan (9-4) – 29

No. 9 Randleman (8-5) – 8
No. 2 Carrboro (13-0) – 37

No. 4 St. Pauls (9-4) – 18
No. 3 Reidsville (11-2) – 50

No. 4 West Stokes (7-5) – 0
No. 1 Andrews (11-1) – 31


  1. EF 37 Page 17
    Thomasville 55 Lincolnton 14
    Butler 49 Indy 20
    East Rowan 29 Rock 12
    Carr 28 Rand 8

    Vegas Mike

  2. 77Hornet,
    I heard it was not the coach… anyone got info on this?
    NCPreps report is not accurate, or is it? Im hearing different!

    Vegas Mike

  3. PA Announcer Earnest T. Bass at East Forsyth says the “Eagles just too many horses for the Parts in the second half”. Git yer EF Eagle State Champion yard signs now.

    Should be a good one at Butler next week.

  4. Gfan,
    I will say this, EF is a good team… a real good one, BUT…. they have NO chance vs.. Butler…. I said it. Butler will blow your mind when u watch them play… I think Butler wins by 17 or more.

    Vegas Mike

    P.S. I hope I eat my words again this year…. but I would bet the farm on this one!

  5. Lost of high scoring games tonight and how about that Garner-Wakefield score….

    Garner 76
    Raleigh Wakefield 34

  6. As with last years Page vs Butler game VM you are wrong. EF hardly used their passing game and had a ton of penalties called against them. They made mistakes they don’t usually make on defense and left most of their tools in the shed last night. The score should have been much more lopsided.

    EF -8 vs Butler next week

  7. A Hickory player was ejected with just under five minutes to go in the game for his reaction to a ‘late-hit’ penalty called on Burns. Initial reports that somehow Beam, the Burns coach, had been hit or pushed during the incident were without substance.

  8. Come on over Southern…our boys are ready now…you’re just one more obstacle in their way to BB&T Stadium on 12/1/12 @ 7pm!

  9. Is that Davidson Day score for real? I got to go look that on up….That was supposed to be a State Championship Game…..

  10. Are you sure that Davidson Day score was not a basketball score since bball season just began ?

  11. I want to thank Coach Allen Brown of Thomasville for keeping the Bulldog tradition alive, abour six weeks ago on this site there was an article and I think the headline was has the game of football passed Allen Brown by then they were 0-6 and I said hang in there with Coach Brown and Coach Gillespie they will both be back and they both came back strong, Andy I wish you could go back and find that article so people could help with a two-way bus ticket now to get him back in town, no one but myself was showing support for you then, but I belevied in you Coach Brown and Coach Gillespie, these coaches don’t become dumb and forget how to coach after 30+ years.

  12. Gfan,
    Your comments are ridiculous. You just want to take away from what Page accomplished and your team didn’t. Get a grip.

  13. Northern we are headed your way and we are bringing extra troops. Going to be Storm hanging all over your stadium on Friday night.

  14. Gfan,
    Butler could have beat Indy by 50! Since this game is @ Butler, EF has no chance… Butler has a better QB, WR”S, Defensive Offensive…etc… they are ranked #8 in the Nation for a reason…now i Know u are a little biased b/c u said u went to EF, but the buck stops in Matthews. Early line is Butler -10. Congrats to Page, Dudley and SE for terrific seasons!
    P.S. Butler was the best team last year and ran into a team with more heart in Page @ Page… now, Butler is pissed off and has more heart, more drive and flat out has more talent. I see this being somewhat close early, but Butler pulls away in the end. Butler 42 EF 28.
    This game could be over at the half!

    Vegas MIke

  15. GFan

    Maybe you missed it but Page had a TD called back plus a ton more penalties than EF. Plus there was at least one helmet to helmet hits by EF that they weren’t called for. The amount of holding calls they had has me believe they probably held a lot more. They were the better team last night for sure as they ran all over everything. Pages big number 44 was off the field more than on which has been the case a lot of this season. They could have really used him last night. If EF didn’t use all their tools last night then that would have been crazy. They used what they had. They better pull all the tools out next week. They are going to need them.

  16. Congratulations to SEG Coaches and players. Great effort in Fayetteville last night. It’s been an interesting and entertaining 9 year run for me. For now, this is my family’s last kid in the Football program. However, we love high school football and have become attached to the SEG Community. So, we may not have a child on the team, but we’ll be there next year and years to come. Now, if I can get my 10 yr to take his Tae Kwondo skills to the football field, we might just have one more.

    Oh, I’m going to have to roll with Vegas Mike on that prediction. Scotland was the best team in the state last year. It wasn’t even close. They just played in a different division from the ‘Big Boyz’.

  17. Bottom line when it comes to any team playing from the metro and not playing at home the refs are not on your side.They really need to work on that. The calls at the ND and Dudley game was so blatent it was un-real. Dudley had over 12 penalties before halftime and ND received 4 penalties in the 3 and 4th qtr for a total of 4. A local ref stated that before we went down there that we wasnt going to win and not because we wernt the better team but the local refs were going to make sure that we didnt. Coaches on the sideline from the local hs were in disbelief on what the refs were doing and curssing at them for not giving the kids a fair game. Great job refs on keeping ND winning because they cannot win without them and good luck to Mt Tabor because your going to need it at their stadium. People can say what they want because its their opinion but the film never lies and all of those referees need to be ejected, contract snatched and just totally banned. Its too many reffs that are too personal around here. When it comes to the playoffs they should bring in refs that has no personalties to any school around here. My heart goes out to the metro teams and the stuff that these kids had to endure. Page , Dudley and SE all had a heck of a season and Im proud of them all. And sorry that the refs took the game from you all and didnt give you all a fair chance…

  18. Quit all your ref whinning folks it is lame and ridiculous. The East game was sloppyas times but there is no way you could say that the refs favored EF. There were plently of penalties to go around on both sides. Page certainly had their share of unsportsman like conduct calls atso let’s not get to carried away with ourselves here and start making stuff up. I was at the game and saw what happened.

    Page Fan I have no axe to grind with either team. I know kids personally on both sides. Page had a great year this year but they just got outmatched last night. As I said before they would have had to bring their A game to hang with a team as talented, big, and fast as East Forsyth. If you don’t want to listen to me listen to your own coach’s comments after the game.

    What I am really saying about the tools is that EF did not use their passing game as they could have and in my opinion should have. They chose to run the ball too much in my opinion and Page’s defense played close to the line and stuffed the run on many plays.

    Congratulations Page, SE, and Dudley for fine seasons this year.

  19. No whining on Dudley’s end and of course Nd fans would beg to differ but if you would see the film or ask any coach from that area they would tell you exactly what those refs did. And when the Dudley’s player was hit like the player for the gamecocks they still didn’t throw a flag and said it was a decent hit as they were laughing at the kid leaving on the stretcher. Blatant and sad your right the stripes won that game ND didn’t show up there local refs won the game for them..

  20. You SG fans remember the way you’re feeling tonight…cause come 10pm next Friday night, your season is over.

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