We still have our poll as we roll into Round Two of the High School football playoffs

For the poll all that matters now is how you played in your last game out and it becomes tougher and tougher to take into account how you did against a certain team in the regular season…All of it comes down now to overall records going into the new week and again, how did your play in your last game??? A win makes a huge difference and if you played a team close, that has to come into play too…And here we are, this is it after Round One of the playoffs…..

1)Northern Guilford(11-0)
2)Southern Guilford(10-1)
3)High Point Andrews(10-1)
6)Southeast Guilford(7-4)
7)Northwest Guiford(7-4)
8)High Point Central(9-3)
9)Northeast Guilford(7-4)