High School Football Saturday Morning rewind with NG-SG coming and battle brewing between Logan and Moseley

Some of the key names and numbers coming from last night and we will be adding more throughout the day….

T.J. Logan had 242 yards on 19 carries and scored 4 touchdowns for Northern Guilford last night in the Nighthawks win over Chapel Hill….Malik Moseley had 273 yards and 4 TD’s as Southern Guilford’s moved past Overhills Friday evening…

Logan 242/4 TD’s…Moseley 273/4 TD’s….And the stage is set for next Friday night’s battle on the battlefield/football field at Northern Guilford High School, out on Spencer-Dixon Road, just off of North Church Street….

Spencer-Dixon becomes like the Mason-Dixon line and it will be the North(Northern Guilford) vs. the South(Southern Guilford) in this, the ‘Civilized War’ on the football field….

This is the first time that Southern Guilford has advanced to Round Three of the playoffs since 1971 and that was back when current Storm coach Darryl Brown’s grandfather was coaching what was then, the Sumner/Southern Guilford Indians….

Coach C.K. Siler(Darryl Brown’s grandfather) could have been like General Robert E. Lee back when he was coaching the Indians, but this time around in 2012, it is not the Cowboys and the Indians, this is the North vs. the South….

Ought to be a great game and can’t wait to see Logan and Moseley get started running on that battlefield/football field, out on Spencer-Dixon Road, just across the Mason-Dixon line/Spencer-Dixon line…

Northern Guilford is so much more than just T.J. Logan and they have an outstanding offensive line that makes all of their backs look good, but there is just something about that T.J. Logan kid, once he gets into the flow of the game and it usually doesn’t take him long to get going/flowing…..

Friday night we got to see how he uses the sidelines and how he stays inbounds and maintains his balance and just keeps getting that extra yard, pushing and moving his way up the field…It is fun to watch as he weaves his way toward the end zone and his atraight North to South running works so well, he can be gone downhill and into the paydirt zone, in no time at all….

But the really big piece of what Northern is doing is that defense…They have to be ranked right at #1 in the entire state….Most points scored on them this season has been 14 and with kicker Alex Hassler spot on, they could take a field goal and conceiveably go on and win a game 3-0, with the defense allowing NO POINTS so far in the playoffs and neither team has really come close to scoring and that is where the challenge will be for Southern Guilford, trying to crack the code to get into the end zone….(Something special about that Northern defense.)

T.J. Ruff, Tre Purcell, Ryan Johnston, Burnard Sindab, Austin Simmons, Robert Willcox, Chris Ripberger, T.J. Logan, Rory Bergen, Austin Coltrane, Cam Harris, Jamon Reynolds and others all there waiting on you and they will stop you, but Moseley and SG may be looking to bring the cure to Northern Guilford this coming Friday night on November 16….

The North vs. The South and all of Guilford County needs to take notice and get out to see this historic meeting…..(Only exceptions will be our friends that are already committed to the HP Andrews-Salisbury game, at Simeon Stadium and we understand the job at hand there, for the HPA Red Raiders)….


  1. We will have to dig a little deeper on the 1979 end and here is what they had in the High Point Enterprise:

    The Storm have won eight games in a row and advanced to the third round of the playoffs for the first time since 1971.

  2. SG and Allen Jay merged in 1979. On that team Dino Hackett ( DB ASU/KC Cheifs), Chris Morgan( QB Ga Tech,baseball), Jeff Taylor (WR NC State) and many more. That team was coached by C.K. Siler and Daryl Barnes (defensive coordinator before going to Richmond Co.). They beat Cummings1st. Round and West Columbus in 2 nd round before losing to Ahoskie in the 3 rd. If I remember correctly.

    They needed coach Roscoe’s bucket for that road trip!

  3. Northern be careful what you wish for because we are with Southern and we are headed your way. See you Friday on Spencer Dixon Road and we look forward to a great game from two very good teams but the best team has to win on Friday and that will be Southern Guilford.

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