How ’bout them Bobcats!

Charlotte Bobcats 101
Dallas Mavericks 97
*****Win #2 on the year already for the Bobcats and they beat a one-year removed NBA Champion in the Mavericks and more now to the Bobcats….*****


  1. This is a very good thing for the Cats and all of the Carolina’s. The team has good corporate sponsorship, the fans stuck with them after last years tough year and the current management has a proven track record across the league. Charlotte should be a very attractive 2nd level city (after the NY’s, LA’s and Miami type of cities) that players would love to play because of the safety of the city, the ability to move about and the ability to be free safe with your family. I hope they will start investing more resources and attention in the Greensboro/WS market. Within the next couple of years, we could have all 3 pro teams in a winning/playoff situation between the Hurricanes, Cats and Panthers.

  2. With guys like Kemba Walker, MKG, Brendan Haywood, Byron Mullens, Gerald Henderson(when healthy), Ramon Sessions and Ben Gordon, this team might be ready to do something….

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