The ground is still shakin’ in Charlotte:Panthers fire special teams coach Brian Murphy

The ground is still loose and it contiues to shake in Charlotte, where today the Carolina Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera, fired the Panthers special teams coach Brian Murphy….Heads continue to roll and chances are, the changes are not done yet….More to follow and more Panthers’ personel sure to be following Marty Hurney(General Manager) and Brian Murphy(Special Teams Coach) to the Charlotte Smith-Douglas Airport, within the next few weeks….

Are they done yet? As one source was quoted this morning, “Far from it”, the end is not yet in sight…..

CLICK HERE to read all on this from the Charlotte Observer…..


  1. Looks like more ground is shaking where it seems that Jerry wants to play the Los Angeles card to get taxpayer funded money for upgrades, ridiculous. If Jerry did move the team you might as well bankrupt bojangles cause so many fans will boycott eating at

    Then here is what business journal is reporting today

  2. Give it to the ‘Big Guy’…He brought the NFL to the Carolinas and we don’t want him to become a Jerry RichardShinn….As in George Shinn when he moved the Charlotte Hornets to New Orleans….

  3. This is all about greed at the end of the day for people like Jerry Richardson and the Shinn’s of the world. The panther team is like a money printing press in today’s NFL. Nearly anything that these teams do will turn to gold. I could understand the NBA’s Bobcats or the NHL’s Hurricanes needing some assistants with upgrades but not a NFL owner that not only owns the team but has always owned the stadium. I would hate to see the Panthers leave town but the reality is that I cannot afford to even take my family to the game so no matter what I am only a TV viewer. The Redskins still have more loyal fans between here and the Ral/Dur area anyway. There will still be the same number of games on TV each Sunday with or without this team. We don’t need to give a bunch of greed millionaires this kind of money that cannot produce hardcore tax paying jobs.

  4. There is that greed to succeed…We can’t afford to lose the Panthers…Every time we lose a pro team it makes us look bad and it takes forever it seems to buid a team up again, once you lose them and they come back later with a new team…Example;Bobcats…..

    I still can’t get over the fact or come to grips with the reality that we lost the Carolina Cougars, as they went on to become the Spirits of St.Louis and if could have held on to them we might well have made the NBA merger with the rest of the ABA teams in Denver, San Antonio, Indiana and New Jersey and the home office for the Cougars and the NBA would have been right here in Greensboro at the Greensboro Coliseum….

    We need Friday night high school football
    We need Saturday afternoon college football
    and We need Sunday afternoon pro football…

    We have become hooked/addicted and need all THREE…..

  5. If Richardson wants money for updates in his Stadium from the taxpayer how bout win a few games!

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