Who will play in the BCS Championship Game?

Who wil play in the NCAA’s BCS Championship Game to determine the champ of all College Football???

Will it be this week’s #1 Oregon vs. this week’s #2 team Kansas State?

Will it be Oregon against this week’s #3 team, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame??

Will it be Notre Dame vs. K’ State???

Will it be Alabama, now with one loss, sneaking back into the picture and meeting on of the current ‘Top-Three’; Orgeon, K’State or ND for the Championship????

Will Georgia jump into the mix and meet one of the above for the National Championship?????

Best matchup on paper and the best draw for the ratings would still be, Notre Dame vs. Alabama!!!!!

*****That’s the ‘Moneymaker’, “Notre Dame vs. Alabama”.*****


  1. Kansas State is second in both BCS polls — the coaches’ and Harris — and in the computer rankings. .

    Oregon is first in the both polls and fourth in the computer ratings.

  2. Best game on Paper is Alabama/Oregon, and yes… best draw for ratings is ND/Alabama.
    Oregon has the toughest remaining schedule… we shall see.
    If all win out, it will be K State/Oregon… like it should

    Vegas MIke

  3. Oregon and K State both have a tough couple games remaining. I hope they both win-out because that would be one exciting game.

  4. Things will not change. You will see Oregon vs. Kansas State in the Championship Game and that is how it will all work out. Oregon and K-State are not going to lose so they have to meet in the Title Game. Notre Dame does not stand a chance of getting in and Alabama has no business being in that game after the way they have played the past two weekends.

    This is the way it has to be.

    Oregon and Kansas State for Number 1

  5. Hearing from a lot of people who want that Alabama-Notre Dame game, but looks like we will be stuck with Oregon-Kansas State, unless maybe K-State loses to Texas and maybe Oregon falls in the PAC 12 Title Game vs. Southern Cal….

  6. Who knows, maybe Oregon-Notre Dame wouldn’t be all that bad….Lots of color with the green an gold and yellows. that’s for sure…..

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