Girls Basketball Tonight with Southern Guilford at Page Scrimmage

One way to look at this game is that Coach William Whitaker’s Southern Guilford Storm looked much better in most phases of the game than did last year versus Coach Debbie Jones’ Pirates, and Coach Jones’ team is already showing early signs of being an improved team over her 2011/2012 edition….

The Pirates are faster up and down the court and they are quicker to the ball and quicker off the ball than they were in their previous version…Page can move and it is a contolled movement among their top 5-8 players and Page can run and they can hit the shots and one of the things that they were doing so well tonight, is that Page was stretching the court on offense and getting the ball to the hole in various ways and the Pirates are tightening up the court on defense and they are taking away most all of the opponents’ passing lanes while Page has their top 5-8 players in the game….

The one thing the Southern fans were calling for and they have a point and it is a typical problem of a young team, and Southern has 8, count them 8 freshmen on Varsity and that problem that a young team finds themselves facing is, finishing…That is where the SG Storm will have to grow and grow up quick, is in the finishing department…It is almost like they will to go to and be in finishing school this season while under the tutledge of Coach William Whitaker…

Probably some decent/good points on my part so far and we have done like the best coaches do in their order of events in their best practices….At this stage of practice, nobody should have even touched the ball yet, we are just getting warmed up and we haven’t even mentioned any names yet, other than our coaches….

By the way, Page continues their scrimmage on Saturday at Northern Guilford….Four-team scrimmage…

Page will very strong this year and I might just be going out on a limb here early, but I expect to see them back in the TIMCO finals at the Greensboro Coliseum in December…GDS vs. Page would be your leader in the clubhouse for a girl’s Championship Game….

Page will shine with their veterans in Chelsey Coleman, Kayla Johnson, Hannah Pegram, Debrasha Barnes, Paris Kea and the one I think might be a very helpful addition to the mix is the freshan, Bailey Kargo…The Kargo kid can go and we know what Paris and her tiammates off of last year’s team can do….Page will be a contender, there is no doubt about that….How far they go overall, we will wait and see, but it should be fun to watch….

Southern is going to be fun to watch as they develop that young team…The Big Girl down low is going to be a handful for all of the opposition…SG is young and quick out and they do move the ball well and they seem to have a good understanding of the perimeter….Southern saw Page work as the dominant team scoring-wise tonight, but Page is a promising young team and they are again, a big team and the big girl in the middle, who stands 6’4, she has good moves already and she does a good job of giving up the ball at the high post and then cutting to the basket….

We will see and hear things from Southern down the road and Page is headed down the girls’ victory road this season…The Pirates won 20 games last season, I think that they finished at (20-6) and they ought to improve on the finishing number this year as long as everyone stays healthy and Paris Kea doesn’t draw too many hard fouls….

Kea, Kargo and Kayla, along with Hannah Pegram form a nice guard system for Page and they have two more players #23 and #15 that can add to guard mix…Kea is #22, Kayla #25, Kargo #5 and Pegram #10, so keep an eye on that group, I do believe that they have something to show you this year…..

More on other teams and games coming soon, stay tuned….