Who you taking Northern Guilford or Southern Guilford and will High Point Andrews move on to Round Four?

What’s your pick, Southern Guilford or Northern Guilford for Friday night, on Spencer-Dixon Road? Will the Storm blow in and get blown away by the Nighthawks?? Are we going to see the ‘Upset of the Year’ with Southern knocking off the Nighthawks??? Who are you taking and how are you calling it….Some are saying this won’t even be a game(Northern rolls), but I have the feeling Southern can move the ball, if they can get the ball….Can the Storm get the ball into the end zone more than once against that tough Northern Guilford defense???? What kind of adjustments will the coaches all be making on Friday night, once they get a real good look at what everybody is doing????? Northern coach Johnny Roscoe told us last night that Southern is big and he wants his team to be ready to use all phases of the Nighthawk offense tomorrow night….Coltrane, Johnston, Harris, Reynolds, Ripberger, Jones, Purcell and of course, T.J. Logan…..Logan 200 and SuperStorm Moseley 200 yards rushing on Friday, or do the defenses get stingy and not allow both to get on the board with 200-plus yard nights…First team with a back to 200 wins, what do you say???????

Does High Point Andrews send Salisbury back home with a LOSS? This will be a very big night for our Red Raiders…..A chance to join either Northern or Southern Guilford in Round Four of the NCHSAA Playoffs…..Andrews has been on a roll all season long and will it continue against Salisbury tomorrow night, with Buddy Poole back in town for this one, from Salisbury…..

What about that East Forsyth-Matthews Butler matchup at Charlotte’s Memorial Stadium? Do the Eagles stand a chance against the Bulldogs? Remember the Page Pirates charge past Butler last year, but that game was at Page….Not sure if Page wins that one on the road, after getting down early, would have been tough….


  1. Southern Guilford by 6. High Point Andrews by 14. Butler by name your score.

    You know it is going to be cold at those games Friday night.

  2. Moseley and Tj Logan aren’t even comparable, the only reason why Moseley has so many rushing yards is because he hasn’t gone up against anything like what Northern’s defense can bring to the table. Logan is hands down the best running back in the state. This is just another game on the Nighthawks road to their third ring.

  3. East Forsyth winning?? You do realize they’re playing the number 8 team in the nation right? Butler by 28

  4. Typical cocky Northern fan. I hope Southern Guilford kicks Northern’s a** and Moseley runs for 250 yards.

  5. logan is only good cause he is fast my man moesley is great cause he fast and strong and agile our D WILL SHUT HIM DOWN
    SCORE SG- 35 NG-28


  6. I dont go to Southern or Northern.
    I dont have kids that go to either school.
    Southern Guilford might get beat by 30!
    Just my honest opinon from someone who has seen both teams play.

    Butler will beat EF by 14 or more, I promise you.
    Andrews will lose by 10 or more.

  7. Southern by 7. It all comes down to if two running backs can beat 1. I would stack the box on Northern and dare them to pass. True football fans know as TJ goes Northern goes. I haven’t been impressed at all with their offense outside of TJ. Southern on the other hand has weapons. By the way Mosely and Gallaspy are both equally as good if not better than Logan. I feel a “Storm” brewing.

  8. northern deserves respect. just look at what they have done. however, I think the game will come down to two things….1. can southern control the line of scrimmage… especially when they have the ball. 2. Reggie gallaspy…. on defense.

    been waiting for this type of game all year. can’t wait to watch both teams.

  9. Both teams are forces to reckoned with, they both have have areas where they excell. I feel like Northerns just that team that everybody loves to hate.

  10. While I have to admit nighthawks is pretty cool name, the storm will be victorious. Storm in a close one.

  11. TJ has great instincts and blazing speed but he is not the reason Northern is where they are this year. Their defense has allowed only 5.3 points/game. Only one team has scored on them twice, even with 1st string defense sitting out at the end of many games. I haven’t seen Southern play but there rushing offense looks amazing on paper. I’m with “Old Guy, whoever controls the line and allows their players the most touches wins.

  12. SG stats show them throwing 5 to maybe 10 times a game. That won’t beat nothern and take people out the box. Second, the secondary is athletic enough to cover SG receivers man to man if needed. Can SG quarterback make the throws against man coverage he needs? The SG line is experienced and a bunch of seniors but do the have the speed and quickness needed to slow down the Northern defense. I predict another Nighthawk win. While Northern has a great defense, a good unpredictable offense and TJ Logan, they also have the besst Coach in probably the State in Johnny Roscoe. Whatever SG is preparing for, trust me there will be new wrinkles they have not seen and had time to prepare for. NG – 24 SG 14

  13. I was so hoping for a SG victory tonight against Northern tonight. Even as I was reading the post of one typically arrogant Northern fan, “on our way to a third ring” I was thinking, nothing money, facilities, oh and re-districting can’t buy.

  14. “Da truff” stop trying to take away from all the hard work the Northern’s boys have put into this season. They played a great game. I’m tierd of hearing all the bs excuses after every northern win.

  15. “The Actual Truth” No question the Northern Kids work hard!! I know several of the students and they are great kids. While I’m happy for the kids, you parents bring the criticism on with your arrogance. BTW…. lots of kids work hard!!! It’s amazing how so many stars line up over your small quadrant of the county and so soon. No one would begrudge you guys anything if it wasn’t for the attitude.
    PS: What makes your opinion smell like anything but truth is that you cant refute one point i’ve made with facts!!

  16. First of all, I’m perfectly aware that a lot of kids work hard, not once did I say that they didn’t. By saying that the Northern boys have put a lot of hard work into this season I wasn’t trying to take anything away from all the other teams in the state that have been working their a**** off since summer. Secondly, the reason why northern has a habit of producing star athletes is because of their excellent coaching staff, full community support, and the boy’s desire to prove themeselves to people like you who are constantly accusing them of cheating or some other false way of winning. Also, I don’t believe anything in my first comment was arrogant? Just because you have a problem with Northern’s fans doesn’t mean you need to take it out on the players. Happy holidays.

  17. Dear Mr. Truth!! You and I agree!!!! I do NOT have a problem with your players. I haven’t said the first negative thing about a single student at NGHS. Also, I have never said the players cheat, someone else did!!! These are young men we are talking about. They don’t have the means nor the will to cheat. On the other hand, how typical that you do a bait and switch. I criticized your fans cocky attitudes ( read the post) and you say, “You hate our kids and think they cheat”. I promise, I’m an advocate for young people and love for them to be successful in life. I simply believe humility is a good character trait in both parents and players. As far as anything else, the only way I could comment further is to become what I detest about this whole conversation.

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