Who you taking Northern Guilford or Southern Guilford and will High Point Andrews move on to Round Four?

What’s your pick, Southern Guilford or Northern Guilford for Friday night, on Spencer-Dixon Road? Will the Storm blow in and get blown away by the Nighthawks?? Are we going to see the ‘Upset of the Year’ with Southern knocking off the Nighthawks??? Who are you taking and how are you calling it….Some are saying this won’t even be a game(Northern rolls), but I have the feeling Southern can move the ball, if they can get the ball….Can the Storm get the ball into the end zone more than once against that tough Northern Guilford defense???? What kind of adjustments will the coaches all be making on Friday night, once they get a real good look at what everybody is doing????? Northern coach Johnny Roscoe told us last night that Southern is big and he wants his team to be ready to use all phases of the Nighthawk offense tomorrow night….Coltrane, Johnston, Harris, Reynolds, Ripberger, Jones, Purcell and of course, T.J. Logan…..Logan 200 and SuperStorm Moseley 200 yards rushing on Friday, or do the defenses get stingy and not allow both to get on the board with 200-plus yard nights…First team with a back to 200 wins, what do you say???????

Does High Point Andrews send Salisbury back home with a LOSS? This will be a very big night for our Red Raiders…..A chance to join either Northern or Southern Guilford in Round Four of the NCHSAA Playoffs…..Andrews has been on a roll all season long and will it continue against Salisbury tomorrow night, with Buddy Poole back in town for this one, from Salisbury…..

What about that East Forsyth-Matthews Butler matchup at Charlotte’s Memorial Stadium? Do the Eagles stand a chance against the Bulldogs? Remember the Page Pirates charge past Butler last year, but that game was at Page….Not sure if Page wins that one on the road, after getting down early, would have been tough….