Jim Modlin Memorial Friday Night Scoring Desk – NC HS Football Playoffs – Round #3 – 11/15/21

10:30 PM – Update #11 – More Game Scores Coming Shortly

Southern Guilford (11-1) – 14
Northern Guilford (12-0) – 49

Salisbury (10-2) – 36
High Point Andrews (12-0) – 35

East Forsyth (12-0) – 15
Matthews Butler (12-0) – 25

Reidsville (11-1) – 16
Carrboro (12-0) – 20

Wilson Hunt (12-0) – 33
Cleveland Clayton (11-1) – 28

Bandys (9-3) – 2
South Iredell (11-1) – 35

Eastern Alamance – 13
Hillsborough Orange – 14

Raleigh Leesville Road – 35
Garner – 56


  1. Butler 7 EF 0
    Scotland 21 EE Smith 7
    East Lincoln 6 Thomasville 0
    Carb 13 Reidsville 3
    NG 14 SG 7

    Vegas Mike

  2. NG 42 SG 7
    Scotland 28 EE Smith 21
    Havelock 57 Washington 7
    Orange 7 EA 5
    Charlotte Catholic 42 AL Brown 18
    Vegas Mike

  3. Kudos to Mosley and Logan Both players are great in there own way… I wish both teams could continue but unfortunatedly only one…Great year for the seniors. Continued Good Luck to Northern so they can bring Guilford County another Championship…..As well as HP Andrews…..

  4. What was that all about? The Hawks are the best team n state by far. Southern you saw a real football team tonight

  5. Nope my buddy was and fed me updates. Butler is for sure strong but I think it might have been a different outcome if L-Train had played and if EF was at home. Oh well no upsets tonight.

  6. Gfan, I gave them 7 points just for being the home team, and another 7 for just better “overall” talent. My initial line was -10… not bad:)


  7. Looks like Northern is the Triads last hope. EF, Reidsville and HP, what a year. Bring it home Norhtern for the Triad…..

  8. We’ll see how humane he is at the next level. Very Good HS player but will have issues at college level and those of you who coach or have played on College level know what I mean

  9. He will be succesfull at any level.. Just like a young man named Keenan Allen… Remember that name.. And Logan.

  10. No doubt northern is good. Best team money can buy.

    Logan is special and may be better than Moseley but hard to say Logan got the best of Moseley
    Last time i checked they don’t play against each other.

  11. Maybe you should check again because Moseley and Logan played both ways against each other most of the game!!

  12. Was at this game, Moseley didn’t play a down of defense tonight and don’t think he has all year.

  13. You guys need to chill…We all know Logan is an outstanding player but that gives you no right to trash another player from another team, especially a high school kid…These kids aint NFL’ers who are grown adults and get paid millions of dollars, which allows for more lee way on the criticism…Both players did outstanding things for their programs this year, so why dont yall keep it positive for each one…The Moseley kid doesnt deserve you guys trashing him, as Im sure he played his heart out tonight for Southern…

    Keep it postive for high school kids guys…

  14. VM,
    As usual you were flat wrong about how the EF game would go this week. You are pretty selective on what you say you said and what you really said. Here is what you said last Friday night:

    … now, Butler is pissed off and has more heart, more drive and flat out has more talent. I see this being somewhat close early, but Butler pulls away in the end. Butler 42 EF 28.
    This game could be over at the half!

    Vegas MIke

  15. Bottom line on the game was the Northern defense….Southern could not get anything done against that Northern defense…SG scored early and that was set up by the Northern turnover and then long run for the late score came against the Northern reserves on defense….The story of that game was the Northern ‘D’…Southern was going nowhere against that NG ‘D’…NG ‘D’ had 5 or 6 picks and TJ Logan had two of those and TJ is just about a good a defensive player as he is an offensive player and that is saying a whole lot….Got to give it up to that Northern ‘D’ and that is take nothing away from Moseley, Gallaspy, Ball, Harrison, Say, Davis and many others on the Southern offense…Moseley and Gallaspy put up huge numbers this season, but they had not seen anything like that Northern defense all year long…There was not a thng that they could do about it….Northern is all over the place, no where to run no place to hide….They make the initial hit and then it is 7-8 more men to the ball and they get there so quickly and then 1-2 more are then there to clean up the pile…Their real pursuit of defensive happiness can not be measured in just one outing, but it was definitely in full effect last night…

    To Malik Moseley and the Southern Guilford seniors, a great year and one of the best if not the best, in SG Football history…..

    To Northern Guilford and that Nighthawk ‘D’, I pity the man that tries to run against that defense, cause he is going to pay the price, based upon what I have seen so far…You can almost feel the pain being dished out as you watch from the stands, that ‘D’ is that good….

    Time to get behind our one remaining Guilford County team and time to head out to the Nighthawks’ Nest next Friday night, with Wilson Hunt coming to town on Thanksgiving Weekend….

    (I do not claim to know it all, but I think I am right about that Northern ‘D’….And they have been getting better as the year has gone on.)

  16. That Storm that was supposed to come over to Spencer Dixon last night turned out to be a drizzle…Andy, please be sure to put up the yardage numbers from last night’s game for those two outstanding SG backs…I think Mosely actually ended up in negative and the Soph ended up with 76.

  17. With counties such as Forsyth and Mecklenburg having open enrollment any school should be able to build the DREAM TEAM. Don’t even think those counties should play against the rest – just play with those who can recruit and build the best team in the state. Ridiculous. Have much more respect for the Guilford County and other NC counties who take the kids in their district and make a real team. Butler should have the best in the state – the best athletes in Charlotte will go there if they are good at football. Charlotte Indepence didn’t win 8 or more straight championships just because the kids in their area and their coaches happended to be that good – not at recrutiing sure –

  18. Spencer Dix why don’t you just give it a rest. Everyone is getting sick about hearing about Logan and the rest of the Northern Guilford team. Not because of them – but becasue of people like you. How old are you???? Why don’t you remember these are HS kids who were out there to play they game. Southern got bested last night but that doesn’t take anything away from their performance all year… Their season is over – why don’t you just move on.

  19. I’ll give it a rest when we lose a game bud…I really don’t care if you’re tired of hearing about Northern…I’m 45 and a very proud parent of a FB player…I haven’t said one thing to personally attack any SG kids…SG got freakin embarrassed last night…Plenty of SG fans were posting on this site from last Fri nite up till game day talkin all kinds of smack talk…all in good fun just like I am…Congrats to SG for their great season…I predicted over a week ago on this site that you season would be over at 10pm Fri night…and IT IS!!! Happy Thanksgiving SG…while you’re eating turkey next Thurs…our boys will be on the field practicing just like the previous two seasons…and I feel absolutely fantastic about it for my boy and the rest of our team!

  20. I am an NG fan, but I don’t agree with SpencerDix. If you really are 45, you need to grow up, You certainly don’t sound like a well adjusted adult. These are high schools kids and they should be enjoying this. It sounds like you need a hobby. Great job by the nighthawks on their win and congratulations to SG on a great season.

  21. It is not what you said, it is the arrogance of how you said it. It sounds like you didn’t like the smack that the SG fans were writing prior to the game, but you are doing the same thing. An adult takes the high road and does not participate in that type of nonsense. It does amaze me how much smack talk is done by adults on this site. We are not playing the games! We are there to provide the rides, provide the finances and make sure our kids are acting responsibly.

  22. Gfan,-
    1) Butler was pissed off and does have more talent. Check mark for me.
    2) “I see this being somewhat close early” which it was, Butler scores last to pull away by 10. Check mark for me
    3) “This game could be over at half” it was not… I was wrong
    4) Predicted the game to be 42-28.
    5) My line was Butler -12
    Soooo… my score prediction was fourteen, my line was 12, they won by 10…. pretty dang close (inital line was -10)
    I would say i was on target… Heard the game was boring as all get out and Butler was clearly the better team by multiple sources… check mark for me. Flat out wrong? I think not!

    P.S.I didnt think Butler would run the ball as many times as they did, that threw me off, u happy? lol
    Vegas MIke

  23. Oh, ok Tom…just making sure that you weren’t disputing the factual nature of something I said. Hey, forgive me, but I can live with the thought that you and anyone else for that matter, may not care for my so called arrogance. I’ll tell ya one thing though, if I ever feel a strong urge to get some of that sports talk, message board etiquette that you specialize in…I’ll be sure and look you up Tom!

  24. Tom,

    Don’t worry about SpencerDix — he is absolutely the epitome of someone who is trying to live through their kid. Northern is a very good football team and they showed it against SG last night. However, it is unfortunate that someone like SD has to make himself feel better by putting down high school aged kids. Since he is so eager to see posted stats — let me help. SD is typical of the adult who was always picked last as a kid or perhaps never made the team. His life is empty other than the fact that his son may or may not be a member of a very talented Northern Guilford football team. He tries to improve his low self-esteem by hiding behind a screen name trying to humiliate others. The only thing lower than his self-esteem is his lack of character. As stated, NG is an excellent football team and the Northern fans have a lot to cheer about but SD isn’t a reason for their success. SD — you may cheer your team on to many victories but unless your attitude changes, you will always be a loser.

  25. I’m sorry shameful, you’re saying something??? We’re watching tape of Hunt tonight …anyway, I’ve said my peace. And for the record, there’s not one comment from me that could be misconstrued as a put down. As for me, I absolutely live vicariously through both my kids…you need to try it….it’s a heck of lot more fun that my day job as an attorney. My playing days ended in HS back in1985. I was arrogant back then too!

  26. Shameful, your so right..NCPreps are even worse when it comes to talking about the HS kids..These are kids trying to get in school and these ignorant bandwagon adults are able to bad mouth these kids on these blogs…. so unfortunate. Definatedly not the NFL let the winners rejoice and the losers morn without adults adding to their list of peer pressure they are already up against.. Role Models guys Be Role Models..These kids are still in the process of being recruited

  27. Yeah…college fb recruiters are actually paying attention to sports talk blogs! believe it mom!!! that one did me in….KABOOM! I’m done 🙁

  28. Andy Durham –

    We are so glad that you are along for/broadcasting the playoffs!!! Thank you so much for giving a shout-out to NG’s understated but overwhelmingly fantastic D-Line (IMHO). Watching the talent of the whole team mature over the past 4 years has been nothing but joyous for me. The bond that they have is exemplified each and every Friday night and I believe, a big part of their continued success. I won’t apologize for being proud of such a great group of young men/athletes! Looking forward to seeing you Friday!!!!!

  29. Dear Northern Guilford,
    Hunt will not give you any problems, but let me introduce you to Mr. Elijah Hood!


  30. Dear Catholic Pride,
    We’ll not be looking past Hunt as I hope you’re not looking past Statesville, but if we both make it to the finals

  31. Charlotte Catholic should not be in the NCHSAA but in the NCISAA. They have no attendance area like public schools do, so they can pick their players. It’s very unfair to have to play them.

  32. Dear Northern Guilford,
    You have never, and never will see a running back like Elijah Hood! Natrone Means who? your defense better go out to the farrms and start practicing some cow tippin! LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR!! EJ = BEAST!


  33. We will be back at Northern Guilford this Friday night for sure and 97.7FM will be in full force at the stadium and it looks like this week we will be looking toward a big-time match-up with Josh Joyner(Wilson Hunt RB) battling versus T.J. Logan and his Nighthawks and who knows, we don’t like to lookk too far ahead, but that Elijah Hood(Charlotte Catholic RB) challenge sounds like fun too and they are only fun if you are winning and Northern has to win the Hunt game first and then bring on Catholic or Statesville and Statesville must be pretty good too, cause they knocked off previously unbeaten South Point of Belmont last Friday night….

    Lots of excitement building this week out on Spencer-Dixon Road with NG hosting the Eastern Regional Final for the first time and meeting Hunt in Round Four, for the 4th straight year, after traveling to Wilson in 2010 and 2011…Wonder if some of those Nighthawks from those teams of 10/11 will be hand for the game this Friday…Thanksgiving Holidays and all, should be a good group of visitors/returning students and players in town…..

  34. Heard Hood is pretty good and we know TJ can go all the way and Logan lights up the scoreboard….Focus now must be on Josh Joyner, cause we seen that Joyner can turn the corner….Josh with 3 TD’s this past Friday night vs. Cleveland Clayton…..

  35. If you have a child that is actually being recruited when you type in their name KABOOM the links from greensboro sports pop up…If you didnt know that…I can see why your response would be just kaboom. They look at alot of the local post and activity on the kids they have to communicate via phone at certain times and FB later…Clueless

  36. Nobody is on the level TJ is on, lets make that clear, BUT… IF NG and CC meet up, NG better be prepared for something they have never seen… thats a freight train running straight down hill. Should be a great match-up, gotta give the Nod to NG. (Hood is a Junior)

  37. 77 Hornet – Forsyth and Meck counties kids can go where they want to – this is why they build strong teams. They should play against each other since they can build the best teams as long as the kid can get to the school.

  38. Spencer Dixon……..You better hope ya’ll win this one, because from the look of the northern jv program and the middle school program it’s gonna be along time before a championship comes through spencer dixon rd again! While I do believe Tj is the best RB in the state, if the teams would watch the page and northern game on film they would see the blueprint on how to contain Tj….and if you stop him you stop northern…. However I wish northern the best!

  39. @ Enjoy,
    The JV program is in very good shape. Mostly freshman competing and some very good ones. The goal for the JV program is to get reps and develop. The coaches have done a great job at that. Not sure if you’ve seen NG play but some of those JV’s have gotten a good amount of playing time on varsity, specifically during the playoffs.

    Now let me ask you something. You can try to contain TJ all you want. Good luck. But how do you prepare for that NG Defense?

    Also, not many schools are gonna review film from game 1 due to the fact that everyone has gotten better each week. NG has also shown that it can go to other players when necessary. Maybe you should get yourself some other film besides the Page game.

    Good luck with your basketball season. 😉

  40. @ankersaway…..like I said before, I wish Northern the best and hope they win! However I have seen both jv high and middle play …..and it don’t look good…..I know first hand that the middle school coach made his cuts after just two practices, and the program paid for it!……As for Page Basketball season they will be just fine! Good luck to your basketball season!

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