How will the game end up this Friday night at Northern Guilford with the Wilson Hunt Warriors in the ‘Nighthawks Nest’

Got an early pick on this Friday night’s game, with Wilson Hunt(13-0) at Northern Guilford(13-0)???……Nothern over Hunt 29-13 in 2011 and NG topped Hunt 28-20 in 2010 and both of those games were at Wilson Hunt…

Will it be NG by three, as in three TD’s, or do they take it by two touchdowns?? Last week Northern over Southern Guilford by by five TD’s and where do you see this one going/ending up??? Is NG by two TD’s a safe pick??

What do you have for us and is anyone leaning toward an upset by Hunt?

My lean right now is a 2 touchdown win by Northern Guilford and then on to the final game vs. Charlotte Catholic…….


  1. NG by 21
    Charlotte Catholic by 10

    State Championship
    NG -2.5 over Charlotte Catholic

    Not Vegas Mike

  2. If you look at the number pattern it should be NG 27 Hunt 27 this year. Ok I will say NG 28 Hunt 27. Represent Nighthawks you are the last of the the GCS still left.

  3. Northern and Charlotte Catholic would be a great matchup for State Title. Two schools that recruit, should make for an even matchup. By the way if Northern wasn’t only 6 years old, I would think Andy was an alumni of the school (good grief man!!)

  4. Andy’s Boy is an idiot. The Northern football team has no recruits. We do have a detractors like you who spew out baseless allegations simply because they can not stand seeing success through hard work and dedication.

  5. Nighthawk Dad you must be blind to what is going on. I will not name names, but there are current players who did not become eligible until halfway thru the season. This is just one example. Not kids fault, just irresponsbile grown ups and county system.

    Andy the way you act towards things at Northern is what bothers many. Don’t be so one sided. If you knew all facts you may not be so quick to jump on the bandwagon. Come ON ‘MAN!!

  6. To Andy’s Boy – If you have the facts I’m sure GCS would love for you to bring them to light – if not then shut the fire truck up cry baby!

  7. I am aware of the one player who did not become eligible until midseason, are you suggesting he was recruited? If yes, please report it to Guilford County Schools. Do your civic duty and put some action behind your mouth. By the way the player you have implied was recruited played for Northern last year and Northern Middle School the year before that. When was he recruited, in elementary school?

  8. It is all good and all clear from where I’m looking in….

    We rode the Page wagon last year and it was a good ride with those super wins over Butler and Mallard Creek and we were with both Page and Northern in the Championship Games….

    We never promote anything half way….We always go overboard and try to be the best in getting the word out about our Guilford County teams….That is the only way I know to go into the fire, full force, no matter who the team is….

    Ask anybody you happen to see and they’ll tell you we go all out for our teams….You can go back to Vincent Whitt, Braxton Williams and Brendan Haywood when we were promoting Dudley for the finals back in 1996 or when we were calling out Stephon Curry, Seth Curry and all the Plumlee brothers when they were coming after our Greensboro Day School Bengals about 5-6 years ago, or when we were chasing the Grimsley Whirlies, as they went for their girls State Title under coach Phil Weaver say, 5 years ago…I was calling that Grimsley girls basketball team the best-ever in the county and they did have 5 DI players in the starting lineup….

    I don’t know how to promote any other way but to blow it out and drive it home…I used to go crazy about Josh Tobias and what he was doing in baseball at Southeast Guilford and people said I was crazy and maybe I am, but Josh was the starting 3rd baseman for the Florida Gators last season, as a freshman….

    Let’s face in a few years you may not even remember some of these kids, so why don’t we promote and make them look and sound good while we have a chance…..

    It is like Gene Hackman said in that Hoosiers movie and that’s the same way that James Summers(Page) last year and RIcky Lewis Jr.(Dudley) before him were doing it, you got to ‘GO, GO GO, GO, GO’…..

    I don’t know about you, but I want to be remembered as one that gave it his all, all the time, every day…..And then again too, we only have a few good talk days here this week, with the Holiday and all coming on…..Not many people gonna be talking ball games here on Thursday and parts of Friday, they are gonna be talking TURKEY…..

    You have to agree with this, it is nice to have a soapbox, and if I don’t get the stir/fire going, nobody is going to jump into the fire with me……You have to love a good sports discussion…….

  9. Andy’s Boy – You must have Northern Guilford mixed up with some other school, because nothing that happens at Northern somehow gets swept under the rug!

  10. Let’s stick to the game, that’s what we are here to promote this week is the game this Friday night at Northern Guilford….Have fun with it, but this is about the game and if that gets old to you, go do some shopping or something…..

  11. I have had one son graduate from northern and another on is in senior high now. He plays sports. Every sport has to have the same form filled out and coaches even go so far as to drive to the home address to verfify the student lives there. Northern was given a bad rep from a dishonest basketball coach with no ethics what so ever. It is shameful to judge every sport after that for one mans unethics…. This is a great school. Guilford County has many really good shcools. As a parent we want the best for our sons and daugthers. And it isn’t sports. It’s education. Sports are part of a school… Not the most important. I played the game and when it’s over all that’s left are memories. Education is a lifetime. That is what Northern has…. Top education and spirit. As a parent of a child that has a learning disability, My kids were put in Nothern for Education and that alone. Last year Northern Parents were happy to see any school represent Guilford County and Page was right there with us. Not once was any of these an issue when PAGE was winning. Why Norhtern. This is not far. Give credit to the student athletes. Let them settle it on the field and be proud of all GUilford County Schools……..

  12. Time to give it a rest and focus on the game and it should be exciting on Friday night and that is where the focus needs to be on playing football…These kids have been working very hard and they deserve your support…..

    For now break time and then back to work for all…

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