Pizza Inn on Summit CLOSED!!!

The last Pizza Inn in town is GONE…..Driving up Summit Avenue today and looked over to the left and all that is left, is the building….Pizza Inn is CLOSED!!! No more buffets and no more soup and salad and pasta, at the Pizza Inn…All gone and the building is bare…

Very sad and this was the last Pizza Inn in Greensboro….At one time there was a Pizza Inn on Battleground, High Point Road, West Market and on Summit Avenue….

Summit Avenue was the last remaining Pizza Inn and I used to frequent them all back in the day….Tuesday night buffet was big. The daily Lunch Buffet was big….Pizza Inn was the spot and the food was hot and good…..

Anyone else gonna miss this Pizza Inn as much as me…..

Are there any other Pizza Inn faithful left out there that have memories of the Pizza Inn??? Mr. Leach(Owner), at Shane’s Rib Shack, used to be the manager at the Summit Avenue Pizza Inn and our waitress Bev, was there and taking care of businees…..

Gonna miss seeing that Pizza Inn…Lots of memories of that place and now it, like many other of our past favorites, is GONE…..

Pizza Inn on Summit CLOSED!!!


  1. I sat at that Pizza Inn for hours crying while my father was in the hospital… he always coached my little league and basketball teams and we would have our banquets there. Good memories, good food… sad.

    Vegas MIke

  2. That’s too bad. I ate at the one on High Point Rd more times than I can count. I know there was a Pizza Inn in High Point. On Fairfield Rd. near S. Main St. I wonder if that one is still open?

  3. For all those who didn’t understand: PIZZA INN IS CLOSED! DONE! FINITO! The buffet is closed. The doors are locked up! The building is closed and the pizza is GONE! We used to take our kids there after the last basketball game of the season! I feel you though, Andy. I miss Lin’s Garden on Bessemer. Most of East Greensboro (40 yrs old +) grew up on their Chinese food!

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