High School Basketball High Scorers from last night’s games

Here they are and we will be adding/adjusting throughout the day….

Kaynayo Obi-Rapu(NGFS) 29 points
Reggie Dillard(GDS) 26 points
Nick Powell(NWG) 26 points
Marshall Macheledt(Caldwell Academy) 19
Drew Cone(East Forsyth) 18
DJ Caudle(Eastern Guilford) 18
Carlos Rankins(Thomasville Prep) 18
Mohammad Tijani(NEG) 17
JT Williams(Smith) 16
Grant Griffin(NEG) 16
Williams(NGFS) 16
JT Terry(GDS) 15
Khalil Vance(Dudley) 14
Quinton Miller(Western Guilford) 14
Tyrone Hamer(NEG) 14
Devan Gregory(Dudley) 14
*****Cut-off today at 14 points****

Shay Burnett(Southern Alamance) 26 points
Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford) 24
Imani Watkins(High Point Andrews) 22
Hollie Boggs(SA) 22
Keniece Purvis(NGFS) 19
Kenya Hailey(SEG) 18
Mo Davis(Dudley) 15
Erin Staunton(NWG) 14
Amanda Coffer(NG) 13
Asia Milton(NGFS) 12
Santia Davis(HP Andrews) 12
Hope Pegues(Grimsley) 10
Makala Rouse(Dudley) 10
*****Cut-off right now at 10 points and we will be adding and adjusting*****


  1. Thanks for the send on those players and ready to add them in….

    Got any others that we may be missing???

  2. Got Marshall in there and had to put Clay on hold since he was at 12 and our cut-off was at 14 for the boys last night and for the girls it was 10….I think the Caldwell game was actually back on Monday, but since we didn’t do a high scorers list for Tuesday, we will allow Monday numbers on today’s list….Want to get as many players involved as possible and stiil keep some boundaries too….

    Good job by all of the players and send us some more names and numbers if you’ve got them….Did the Northern Guilford boys play Asheboro last night? Maybe I need to take a visit to the Asheboro Courier-Tribune…….

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