Jim Modlin Memorial – Friday Night Scoring Desk – NC High School Semi-Finals Football – 11-23-12

North Carolina High School Semi-Final Championship Games
10:15 PM – Update #10 – All Games Fished – Good Night

Garner (13-1) – 8
Fayetteville Jack Britt (13-1) – 14

Matthews Butler (14-0) – 27
Charlotte Mallard Creek (12-2) – 0

New Bern (14-0) – 16
Scotland County (12-2) – 6

North Davidson (12-1) – 27
Porter Ridge (13-1) – 34

Wilson Hunt (13-1) – 0
Northern Guilford (14-0) – 44

Charlotte Catholic (12-1) – 55
Statesville (13-1) – 19

Havelock (14-0) – 42
Orange (11-6) – 7

Concord (12-2) – 27
Morganton Freedom (11-2) – 20

Jacksonville Northside (13-1) – 14
Carrboro (14-0) – 21

Salisbury (11-3) – 28
South Iredell (13-1) – 35

Tarboro (14-0) – 46
South Columbus (12-2) – 0

East Lincoln (14-0) – 31
Madison (12-2) – 7

Southwest Onslow (13-1) – 35
Warsaw James Kenan (13-1) – 13

Monroe (11-3) – 21
Swain County (14-0) – 28

Cape Hatteras-Plymouth (14-0) – 42
Princeton (5-9) – 20

Albemarle (12-1) – 24
Murphy (12-2) – 27


  1. Defense very impressive for northern. I hope that kid is ok for northern. On a side bar which idiot architect came up with a plan that no emergency vehicle can make it down to the play field . That is ludicrous and needs to be fixed. It must be the same architect who actually put a pole vault pit right next a fence at northern.

  2. Get ready for Mr. Hood, you better go stand in front of trains and tackle them! Maybe u guys can see what a REAL running back looks like!.


  3. Maybe next year for Mr. Hood – The real back will be leaving Winston Salem with three rings!

  4. Hood will be as frustrated as all the other highly touted backs that have faced the NG defense. Size does not beat speed and quickness. He won’t be tackle alone as we get 7 and 8 men to the ball all night.

  5. You better know that coach Thomas will have our NG D ready for Sat night! and Defense wins Championships baby!!!!

  6. Obviously Northern’s defense is also playing well. However the threat to Northern in this game is not Hood so much as it is the Catholic coaching staff. Truly one of the best staffs around for a long time. Northern may be better, and I think they are, but CC will be very prepared. CC will try to play ground control and long drives that eat the clock and keep the ball away from Northern. Game will be won or lost not with Logan or Hood but with the boys up front. If CC can keep the ball away from Northern and limit their touches, it will be a game. CC must also win the turnover battle. No one has done that against Northern.

  7. Ogramballer,
    NG has not seen anything like this… (you must not have seen this kid play), and when u have size and speed, it will present problems… he isn’t just big, but extremely fast…. Many scouts have said he is the best running back they have EVER seen in NC, and he is a junior, oh and some have him better than TJ! You will see, if you can stop him, kuddos… I just dont see it happening! This game will come down to clock management and turnovers. I believe that CC has the better coaching staff, maybe not the better team… so we shall see.


  8. I will put Roscoe and Thomas up against ANY coaching staff in the state. We play the best so we can beat the best. Looking forward to your introduction to NG Football.

  9. ” Will i new these night hawks team would make it again i new it since the beging of the season they are really big on defence and with a great runinng back thats A GREAT TEAM WITH A GREAT ATHLECT LIKE TJ LOGAN THEN YOU GOT A POWER CORD READY TO FIRE UP A TEAM BUT HEY TJ COME PLAY FOR PAGE WELL TREAT YOU RIGHT YOU BE OUR #1 PICK STARTER

  10. Too late for TJ go and play for any other school, other than Northern. He is a senior and just one game away from completing his high school career…He and his Nighthawk teammates have been working hard to get that 3rd Championship Ring….For them, the Three-peat would be sweet…

  11. At Catholic we have better coaches. The Guilford coaches are South Carolina coaches and this is not SC football. This is North Carolina high school football and Charlotte Catholic is the best at what we do. The Northern championship run ends on Saturday in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and when Mr. Hood comes rolling in, Charlotte Catholic will roll out with the 3-AA Championship Trophy. Hood will be good as you say, for at least 3-4 TD’s in the title game and he will get well over 200 yards on the ground. Northern has been facing boys and this week you will be facing real men. My early call is Catholic 35-20 over Northern Guilford. Lots of fireworks before, after and during this game. Most of the sparks will be seen over by the Catholic sidelines. This game could turn into a track meet.

  12. There have been a lot of people like Father CC that have come to this website to say that there team, players and coaches are better the NG. Coach Roscoe and his players have sent them home quickly with a new appreciation of Northern Guilford football. As always, NG will do their talking on the field. You won’t find a more fundamentally sound team than NG.

  13. I’ve copied a screenshot of all the catholic comments…I’ll paste them on the new thread Saturday night after the game as a reminder of how silly they were. I’m postive that if your coaches are as good as you claim, then they certainly realize the monumental task your team has ahead of them; however, I really can’t emphasize enough to all the catholic fans just how much of a beat down your offense is about to experience!

  14. There’s a reason coach Roscoe brought coach Brian Thomas up from SC as defensive cord. Do your homework catholic…see how many points our defense has allowed over the last TWO years. Our boys play the best and they are prepared to beat the best.

  15. CC Farley you must be a father or a kid at CC or an idiot! I mean idiot! TJ Logan is the best running back in the State. It is proven through numbers. Well let me tell you this if you are a father and you want the championship to come to an end you better tell CC to throw the ball bc running the ball will get you no where except 2nd Place. I am just as truthful as i can be and i hate to be that way but CC can recruit and they get kids from all over and when you play this little 3 A school Saturday think about that. Dont tuck your head in after the game is over!

  16. And people say Northern fans are cocky? Can’t help but laugh at some of these Charlotte Catholic comments.

  17. CC people must be smokin some stong stuff. Lets see. Northern starts the year with 3 top 4A programs. After 3, 3 and 0. Then the play in a conference with 3 power house teams that all went to state. They beat those 3 by like 100-14. CC you ain’t seen nothing like this team. 22 athletes on both sides of the ball. Not 1 player. Last time I played 11 all ways beat 1. I have never seen a team with no weakness. Pass the ball, 4 top backs ready to pluck it out of the air. Please run. 7-8 will meet you ever time. Spencerdix copy this one to post late Saturday. Northern wins by 20…….

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