Hired to be fired(Tom O’Brien out at N.C. State and could James Franklin[Vanderbilt] be on the way in?)

A press conference has been called for 5 p.m. Sunday(TODAY) to formally announce the move. It is expected that the search for a replacement will begin immediately.

Remember how crazy everyone said I was, back after the North Carolina Tar Heels win over N.C. State, when I put up that post, “Who will be the first to be fired, Tom O’Brien(N.C. State) or Ron Rivera(Carolina Panthers)???

How dumb is the said reporter looking now???

Wait a minute, don’t answer that one…..

But TOB must flee the State penitentiary, because the State AD, Miss Debb-ie, has told TOB his sevices are no longer needed in Ralee(igh)…

Thought they might at least let him finish out the bowl season….

Is James Franklin, the head football coach at Vanderbilt, due in next, at N.C. State? Franklin and Yow worked together when he was an assistant at Maryland, under Ralph Friedgen….

Later today, Tom O’Brien is on his way out at Carter-Finley Stadium and I liked Tom, but Larry Fedora has now changed the landscape in the Triangle and expectations are going to higher than ever at Chapel Hill going into the 2013 season and that means you have to raise the bar in Raleigh, at N.C. State….

TOB goes (0-1) vs. Fedora and he is gone….

A press conference has been called for 5 p.m. Sunday to formally announce the move. It is expected that the search for a replacement will begin immediately.

*****Tom O’Brien went (40-35) in six seasons at N.C. State and Dana Bible will run the team, in preparation for its bowl game….*****


  1. Based on her past history, she does not like men in particular and has an intense distaste who are independent thinkers and who do not kiss her _ _ _. You think MD is in the financial trouble they are in because of the current AD?

  2. ‘Golden Parachute’ Kevin Plank(Under Armour) will step in and save the day at Maryland……

  3. As I get ‘younger’ I find myself getting tired of change…Would like to see things stay the same for longer periods of time, without always having to go through these ‘starting over’ modes….

    Wake Forest has had that quiet stability with Jim Grobe on board for at least a decade-plus now, but they are not part of the North Carolina-N.C. State-Duke Triangle and what Duke does, or does not do on the football field, does carry over to basketball rivalries and visa-versa

  4. James Franklin is not coming to State. State can’t afford him first of all, as he already makes 3 million a year at Vanderbilt. He’s not leaving the SEC for an ACC job, especially with the questions about the ACC’s future. If he leaves it would be for a much bigger opportunity. And the fact that he knows Yow….. the real reason he won’t consider State.

  5. Yow said in the press conference that Franklin was not a candidate.
    Actually, knowing Yow would be a reason to come to State for him.
    She did name him coach in waiting to succeed Ralph Friegen. She has confidence in him but he is in a good situation at Vanderbilt an SEC school. If he were at a school from a lesser league like say C-USA, I am sure he would be very interested in NC State.

  6. The day was 2 years to late but this had to be done. State and the other ACC teams must upgrade their programs and it all starts with the coaching. The SEC is clearly the big dog but there is no reason that the ACC cannot be the #2 league year in and year out. The best recruiting region for football is by far the southeast portion of this country from VA down to FL and across to Texas. The ACC should be able to recruit better in states such as FL, GA, NC, VA, and Tn with better coaches and more attention to details such as promoting the league, sponsoring more within our communities, and getting more involved within the various communities. The ACC must also start developing its own network (or some variation) that will be ready when this TV contract ends. If they start developing it now with the promise that it will be ready, then maybe they could force ESPN back to the negiotation table for a revised TV contract within the next year. We are #2 in basketball rates/viewers and #3 in football rates. We should not be #5 in conference TV dollars.

  7. Bill Cowher would be awesome. This was way overdue, should have been out a long time ago. Way too many let down games every year, too much talent to not have had more acc championships.

  8. It was Dennis Green that once said they were who we thought they were, now Ed Hardin has just hit the nail on the head.

    Dr. Monkey Boy speaking of DNA this is delusion at it finest. Have you guys forgot that you havn`t stiff a ACC conference Championship since 1979. Your fans urinate in the stands people have been shot and killed at your tailgating and you expect a respectful coach to coach this bunch of renagades. The 1 positive is if you win 10 games they will throw you a parade that is it.

    Pack pride is in total meltdown, the servers can`t to much more now can “wewe” or “PeePee”.

  9. Tom O’Brien’s last day on the job was the Saturday that N.C. State lost to North Carolina…It was all over right then and there…James Franklin making 3 mill a year at Vandy??? Those people must have gone football crazy or just plain crazy….Kirk Franklin and Ben Franklin never made that kind of money and they were bigger names….

    Names we should be looking at and talking about:

    James Franklin
    Bill Cowher
    Skip Holtz
    Danny Rocco
    Dana Bible

  10. To The Ed hardin fan—
    NC State will have a head football coach in place long before all of the scandals at UNC-Chapel Hill are resolved.
    And a tarhole fan points out that NC State has not won the ACC since 1979. I believe you hole fans are only one year better 1980.
    Is Erik Highsmith smarter than a 5th grader?

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