On a ‘Turf Field’ who cleans up all the Spit? Where does the spit and water go?

Northern Guilford(14-0) will play on the turf field at Wake Forest’ BB&T Field on Saturday, when they meet Charlotte Catholic(13-1) for the NCHSAA 3-AA Football Title and will they get a practice workout in this week, at Guilford College???

Guilford College has that turf field just like BB&T and the Page Pirates got a workout in at Guilford last year, before meeting and beating Garner, for the 4-AA Title….Page and Garner also met on the turf field at BB&T…

So does Northern make that same move this season and go up to Guilford? Northern played their first two seasons of home games at Guilford(while their field/stadium was being built) and back then they were a JV team….Not sure if Guilford had the turf field in place back then or not…..Don’t think that they did….

So the bigger question still remains…..

Who cleans up all of that spit and water that gets on the ‘Turf Fields’ during the games??? Where does all of that spit and water go? I was watching that Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins game on Thanksgiving Day and those players just spitting away on to the field(in Jerry Jones’ living room) and does it just keep soaking down into the turf, or do they have a guy that comes around with vacum cleaner and does he get the spit out of there???

Do they do it with a vac or does the spit just sit on top of the turf?

Ever thought about this one?

Makes for an interesting observation…….