Reggie Dillard(Greensboro Day School) commits to Presbyterian

Reggie Dillard(Greensboro Day School) committed to Presbyterian University for college basketball Sunday night…

Reggie chose Presbyterian over UNC Wilmington & UNC Asheville….

Dillard spent his first three varsity basketball seasons at Dudley High School, where he played for Coach David Price and the past two years, Reggie has been at the Greensboro Day School, under the direction of Coach Freddy Johnson….

Dillard has hit for an high of 26 points already this season and he becomes the second Bengal to verbally commit here early in the basketball season….Reed Lucas previously committed to attend Army, at West Point, New York….

Announcement courtesy of Robert Johnson, assistant basketball coach at Greensboro Day..

*****Reggie is a very good basketball player and they don’t call him the ‘Real Deal’ for nothing….Reggie’s dad is a former football player at Winston-Salem State University and he was once named the Player of the Year, in the CIAA Conference….Reggie’s brother Will is in the 7th grade at Greensboro Day School…*****


  1. With a full ride you can’t let it slide and I would think Reggie would be ‘The Man’ for the Blue Hose of Presbyerian and this just probably fits his skill set better…In the end it is Reggie’s deal and he is a very smart kid and a good kid and he don’t usually have nothing bad to say to say about anybody….This kid deserves our support and we all need to stand by him…Maybe one day, the ‘Real Deal’ might buy us meal and if he goes to Presbyterian and starts and plays full time for four years, isn’t that better than going to bigger name school and sitting on the bench and not playing…Go where you can play and play all day, that is what I say….Backing Dillard….

  2. Andy is right. Go where you can get playing time. There are plenty of stories of kids transferring because they picked the wrong school. Any kid who receives a scholarship to play ball should be applauded, not ridiculed. Good luck to Reggie.

  3. These negative comments have nothing to do with Reggie but everything to do with the hate that some people on the outside have for the GDS boys program and Freddie Johnson. Reggie is going to a competitive conference and a school that needs better players now. He should get good playing time his first year and his parents will enjoy seeing him actually play each game that they attend. This is a mid level school that will play the ACC type of school out of conference and it will give him a real test of his ability. Even Stephen Curry went to Liberty first because he was not getting the high level looks originally. He went to Liberty and balled out and a window opened up in combination with his brothers performance. Everybody must find the right doors to walk thru.

  4. I agree with both Andy & Tom. The kid and their family have to pick the school that makes the individual the most happy. Reggie is a good player and will get good minutes from day 1. Best of luck to Reggie.

  5. congrats to Reggie! Great kid and great player. Full ride to college is awesome!

    I would rather see him go somewhere that he come in and play immediately and make an impact then go somewhere and ride the pine and never be heard from again. He should be congratulated for his achievement !

  6. What is wrong with people!? Jealous much? I celebrate when any kid gets a chance to go to college, even better when they get there because of a skill they possess. Reggie is a great person, his hard work and perseverance have gotten him this far. Reggie don’t let one of these negative comments affect you for 1 second. Presbyterian will be a better place because you are there – whether you played ball or not. Congratulations and have great success… your parents aren’t the only ones that are proud of you.

  7. Congrats to Reggie! It is sad that there are so many grown adults that hate on these young kids. Most kids re-class because they want to be able to keep the scholarship not to get one. No doubt Reggie would have been recruited regardless of what school he attended. However, parents know their kids better than anyone else so maybe his parents realized there was an academic gap they needed to fill. Just as some kids play the game different some kids learn different. It’s ignorance that doesn’t allow some people to realize sports are played more off the field/court than on.

  8. Great job Mr Dillard ! If people care enough to talk about you in such high regard about where they thought you should have went, then you know you are on the right track because it means you are relevant enough for someone to pay attention. I have met you several times and I know you “get it”. let the hater hate and you just keep doing what you are doing. Good luck and we will see you when you play teams like HPU next year.

  9. Most fans do not understand how competitive it is to play D-1 basketball. You are very blessed if you do sign a letter of intent to a D-1 college. You may get 20 offers but by the time you get down to your senior year you may not have anything because everything is so competitive. Only about 4% of high school basketball players get any type of basketball scholarship and D-1 is smaller %. So it is a great accomplishment to go D-1 and if you say negative comments then you must be far removed from the recruiting process. I find a lot of Greensboro so called stars are at D-3 and D2 College so any D-1 is great.

    I believe that different private schools are making these comments because they are so competitive for talent. If you can put down a kid from another local program then you may increase your status but it does not work like that.
    I have notice that when someone has committed to play for a college and Greensboro Sports reports it then someone will make a negative comment. Reggie just remember that this is not personal but it is the competition at the private schools namely, GDS, Wesleyan and High Point Christian. So Reggie join the hate just like Chuck did at High Point Christian by people saying he did not have high d-1 looks but they proved he did….Jackson Kent was said to be overrated because he could shoot but could not do anything else but he is the best player at HPC…..Christian Hairston was said to have to settle to a school in the bottom of the southern conference but Furman has great academics and rich basketball history…….Reed Lucas had to go in the Army to play for their B team but going to West Point is a big deal…….John Terry and Montrel could not even get a D-1 scholarship but both are awesome players and will not have to pay for their college…….Trey Chapman was said to not be able to start for Wesleyan this year but is the team leading scorer to date…….Keith Gatlin was said not to be able to coach but has one of the best teams in the country and will play a national schedule….Freddy Johnson was said that he received 75% of his wins from D-3 high schools..ok that one is true….So Reggie do not let it get you down man..haters make you play better just ask Chuck, Reed, JT, Montrel, Trey, Keith and oh yeah…Freddy the best coach in NC…it is just the 3 great competitive private schools trying to set themselves up for recruiting..If they can show that the other school can not help you go high d-1 then they may have a good chance at getting you…So to all the haters out there, please keep hating because it shows you do not know anything about recruiting on a D-1 level….If you are not in the top 100 in your class then you are at the mercy of the colleges just trying to find your right place to play hoops…..Greensboro sports needs to get me on their staff….lol

  10. I think when a kid is hyped very young the expectations are too high. We evaluate and put expectations on these kids too early. At some point the kid may think he or she did not live up to expectations. This will not change because we already here about his little brother in the 7th grade. With a kid talked about since 7th grade, why should we expect a kid to go to a mid major? If your in middle school, play middle school ball, your time will come…… and you might keep the expections in check.

  11. Congratulations Reggie! We are extremely proud and excited for you. We are confident that you will do well wherever God plants you. Only the know what your future holds. Let your haters, be your motivators! Keep smiling and working hard nephew, for there are so many places you will go! Cheering for you in Augusta, Georgia.
    Aunt Yvette

  12. No matter who is out there, the fans are always looking for the next big thing that is going to come along and there is no avoiding the hype, because the sports fans are looking for something to talk about…..

    We have had quite a few very good players come through our area, but none could really be said to be outstanding and we are still are looking for the next Danny Manning or Bob McAdoo out there somewhere…..

    Our private schools’ level of play has risen above that of our public schools and that is just the way it is, times change and who knows, maybe they will change back again….Have to wait and see, but one thing is for certain, like I said, we have the very good players coming out of here and you can look around and see them popping up every year, Haywood, Holt, Whitt, Bennerman, Thomas Roberts, William Graves, Justin Gainey, Grooms,Uzechukwu, Chavis, P.J. Hairston, Eaves, Frye, Neal, Canty, and so many more, plus there’s all of the guys that are coming out this year with Reggie, Reed Lucas, Jackson Kent, Sam Hunt, Cody Hylton, Chuck Ogbodo, Jaquel Richmond, and many many more…..

    But, you look at that list and I’m sure I have left somebody out and that’s the way it goes, but it goes like this, those are all VERY GOOD players, but nobody I’ve named is outstanding….We have VERY GOOD players coming out of here, but not outstanding ones and that is just the way it is…..

    If we had outstanding players, they would been leaving here early for Oak Hill….Have we had anybody leave here early for Steve Smith’s program at Oak Hill???

    The players we are touting are very good and there is nothing wrong with that….We take them and work to make them sound outstanding, cause we want to see each and every one of them succeed and get to the top/make it to the pros….Maybe we will see Theo Pinson end up at Oak Hill one day, but it will have to be soon, his days are moving on……

    Nothing wrong with being VERY GOOD and we need to be proud of the kids that are committing and signing with the colleges…..They have all worked hard, no matter what high school they came out of and each new kid coming up, ought to aspire to be the best basketball player ever to come out of Guilford County….Can’t see why anyone would see anything wrong with that…..

  13. Just a thought is right………..very high expectations…………but Reggie was doing just fine at Dudley; great athlete and a model student but opting to go to GDS for that extra yr of ‘hs level ball’ is abit questionable IMHO. Band students only get 4 yrs to make an impression and maybe some university will offer a scholarship to come and perform with their musical ensembles. At some point you have to move on. Good luck Reggie!

  14. Most that come on here are going to have to remember that at the end of the day, you can speculate all day and all night long, but at the end of the that day when the player decides what they are going to do, it is THEIR decision and their families’s decision and not anybody that comes on here….The kid and his family knows what is best for them and none of us have that type of insight…It is their business and not yours or mine, but at the end of the day, BEST OF LUCK to Reggie and I feel we can all argee on that…..;

    Let’s continue to respect Reggie and his family….

  15. We have been tracking Tyler Lewis since he was in the 7th grade and playing Varsity bball at FCD….

    He was close to and he still is since he is at N.C. State and in the ACC, and he did attend Forsyth Country Day, but he was from, and his family lived in Statesville….He is from Statevsville and that was a bit of a long commute, but back in day when I was doing some coaching on the private school scene we had kids driving in from Danville, Pelham, Kernersville, Trinity and more every day of the week and we were in Pleasant Garden…..

  16. Congratulations Reggie Dillard! Make the Blue Hose proud. I agree with Tony, but I think the Montrel Goldston kid is definitely next to get a scholarship, great attitude, extremely skilled basketball player, from what I have seen.

  17. I think it could turn out crazy in a good way if Reggie gets to Presbyterian and he starts playing a lot at the #1 spot there…He said they would have him playing the 1,2, and 3 positions, but with his strength, he could be super defender from the PG spot and his outside shooting has always been steady, especially if he has time to get the feet set….

    Reggie can make it happen and he might step up and help Pres. knock off some of the bigger name schools…..

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