East Carolina football ready to join the Big East Conference along with Tulane in 2014:ECU hoops on the go behind LEBO

Rocco Scarfone(Northern Guilford HS), Jonathan White(High Point Central) and Will Foxx(Page/ORMA) will be ready to move to the Big East Conference, along with their East Carolina Pirate teammates, in the fall football season of 2014….

The East Carolina Pirates are ready to move to the Big East, from Conference USA and this will be a football only move for now….East Carolina basketball, under the direction of head coach Jeff Lebo, is off to their best start(5-0) since back in the days of ‘Big Jim’ Modlin, Ogi Overman and Debbie Yow and now the Pirate basketball team is clicking again and you can,

CLICK HERE to read all on the ECU football move to the Big East Conference from WRALSportsFan.com…..


  1. None of these conference moves make sense. So you will leave for football but leave the basketball behind. It would seem that going to the Big East in basketball would upgrade the ECU brand and recruiting over night. They would still have 2 years to upgrade their recruiting. Heck the Big East in 2014 will not have Sycu, Pitt, ND and likely have an exiting Louisville and Conn. I understand the money grab in the short term but at some point your fans are confused and can lose interest in the program.

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