High Scorers from last night’s High School Basketball Games

Anna Massey(WES) 25 points
Bailey Kargo(Page) 23
Karima Dean(Western Guilford) 20
Jessica Willard(WES) 18
Imani Watkins(HP Andrews) 16
Kara Shutt(SEG) 15
Latricia Smith(WG) 15
Anna Massey(WES) 15
Kayla Upshaw(SEG) 14
Mandy Varney(Vandalia) 14
Paris Kea(Page) 13
Kayla Johnson(Page) 12
Shaniqua Bailey(Grimsley) 12
Hope Pegues(Grimsley) 12
Leigh Ramsey(Grimsley( 12
Kenya Hailey(SEG) 12
Salena Lozada(WG) 12
McFarland(Southern Guilford) 12
Tamera Thorpe(GDS) 12
Meghan Ingram(WCD) 12
Callie Carlson(Caldwell) 12
*****Cut-off this time for the girls was 12 points and we did inclulde Monday totals and if we missed anybody, let us know)….

Mohammad Tijani(Northeast Guilford) 33 points
Jaqwan McCauley(Southern Guilford) 33
Carmoni Marks(Westen Guilford) 32
Kayano Obi-Rapu(New Garden Friends) 30
Houston Miller(Vandalia Christian) 25
Dime(New Hope Christian) 24
Michael Kobani(High Point Christian) 21
Kaleel Watson(WG) 21
Ethan Willis(VCS) 21
Carlos Rankins(New Hope) 20
Sadeeq Bello(Westchester) 19
Kevin Weckworth(Bishop) 19
Isaiah Gill(HPCA) 19
Obi-Rapu Jr.(NGFS) 19
Bryan Rouse(GDS) 18
Grant Griffin(NEG) 18
Johnson(New Hope) 18
Reed Lucas(GDS) 17
Jackson Kent(HPCA) 17
Juwan Foggie(High Point Central) 17
Paulos(NGFS) 17
Diandre Overton(SEG) 16
Terrence Morrison(Page) 16
Enfernee Ellis(NEG) 15
Josh Burton(WCD) 15
Reed Lucas(GDS) 15
*****Boys cut-off for today was 15 points and we did include Monday night’s games….*****
(Let us know if we missed any.)


  1. Which game for Imani, was it on Monday or Tuesday and versus who???

    Just have to do my discount double-check….

  2. I saw where Andrews played Lexington at the Lexington Dipatch site, but could not get a score, can we get that score too, would like to add to the scoreboard….

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