TJ Logan(Northern Guilford)-Elijah Hood(Charlotte Catholic) rushing rundown

Here’s how the two backs stack up rushing-wise/running-wise going into Saturday’s NCHSAA 3-AA Championship Game in Winston-Salem at BB&T Field, with the kickoff set for 7:30pm…

Elijah Hood(Charlotte Catholic) 3,157 yards and 46 TD’s….

T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) 265 carries for 2,760 yards and 40 TD’s….

*****Numbers courtesy of Deana King and and we will have to go back and see if they do a Thursday update on these numbers, but this is what we have for right now….*****
(Hood rushing attempts not available.)

TJ Logan receiving:25 receptions for 344 yards and 6 TD’s…..
TJ Logan on punt returns:12 returns for 241 yards…..

TJ Logan with 46 TD’s total and 10 two-point conversions for 286 total points scored…

Numbers, other than Logan and Hood at the top, courtesy of at Northern Guilford site……