TJ Logan(Northern Guilford)-Elijah Hood(Charlotte Catholic) rushing rundown

Here’s how the two backs stack up rushing-wise/running-wise going into Saturday’s NCHSAA 3-AA Championship Game in Winston-Salem at BB&T Field, with the kickoff set for 7:30pm…

Elijah Hood(Charlotte Catholic) 3,157 yards and 46 TD’s….

T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) 265 carries for 2,760 yards and 40 TD’s….

*****Numbers courtesy of Deana King and and we will have to go back and see if they do a Thursday update on these numbers, but this is what we have for right now….*****
(Hood rushing attempts not available.)

TJ Logan receiving:25 receptions for 344 yards and 6 TD’s…..
TJ Logan on punt returns:12 returns for 241 yards…..

TJ Logan with 46 TD’s total and 10 two-point conversions for 286 total points scored…

Numbers, other than Logan and Hood at the top, courtesy of at Northern Guilford site……


  1. Numbers don’t tell the entire story. Hood is a great running back is as TJ but Mr. Hood has not faced anything like he is fixing to see Saturday evening. Logan will always get his. Don’t see Hood coming even close to his average. Hood is powerful but the Nighthawks defense will shut him down. At best he gets maybe 100 yards and 1 TD. TG gets at least 2 scores and 200 yards.

  2. Northern will win this one. Northern’s defense is going to shut Hoood down. Probably the best defense in the State.

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