Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Coach Tina Gunn(Grimsley) gets career-win #200[Whirlies Congratulate Coach Gunn and you can too!]

Grimsley Whirlies press release on Coach Tina Gunn career-win #200:
Coach Tina Gunn wins her 200th basketball game tonight vs. High Point Central at Robert Sawyer Gymnasium. Congratulations Coach Gunn!

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Western Guilford 63
Ragsdale 36

Grimsley 52
High Point Central 12

Career coaching win #200 for Coach Tina Gunn of Grimsley….198 wins at Eastern Guilford now the Whirlies are at (2-2) to start the new 2012/2013 season….
Anna Peterson with 12 points for Grimsley…Shaniqua Bailey added 10, Faith Pegues had 7 and Imani Smith 6 for the Whirlies….
Grimsley(2-2)/HP Central(0-4)

Page 69
Reagan 35

Page 61
Reagan 54

Ragsdale 81
Western Guilford 52

Grimmsley 71
High Point Central 55

Grimsley scoring:
Rayshawn Mayfield 23 points
Diquan Purvis 11 points
Luke Bouknight 9 pts.
John Puryear 7 pts.
Jeanette 7PTS.
Jake Mulvey 6 pts.
Devin Banks 4 pts.
Desean Jacob 1 pt.

High Point Central top scorers:
Juwan Foggie 15 points
Pratt 6 pts.
Smith 6 pts.
Seals 6 pts.

*****Interview with winning coach Thomas ‘Ice’ Griffiths from the Grimsley Whirlies coming up on Tuesday morning…..*****
(Scoring info from Grimsley scorebooks.)