Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Coach Tina Gunn(Grimsley) gets career-win #200[Whirlies Congratulate Coach Gunn and you can too!]

Grimsley Whirlies press release on Coach Tina Gunn career-win #200:
Coach Tina Gunn wins her 200th basketball game tonight vs. High Point Central at Robert Sawyer Gymnasium. Congratulations Coach Gunn!

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Western Guilford 63
Ragsdale 36

Grimsley 52
High Point Central 12

Career coaching win #200 for Coach Tina Gunn of Grimsley….198 wins at Eastern Guilford now the Whirlies are at (2-2) to start the new 2012/2013 season….
Anna Peterson with 12 points for Grimsley…Shaniqua Bailey added 10, Faith Pegues had 7 and Imani Smith 6 for the Whirlies….
Grimsley(2-2)/HP Central(0-4)

Page 69
Reagan 35

Page 61
Reagan 54

Ragsdale 81
Western Guilford 52

Grimmsley 71
High Point Central 55

Grimsley scoring:
Rayshawn Mayfield 23 points
Diquan Purvis 11 points
Luke Bouknight 9 pts.
John Puryear 7 pts.
Jeanette 7PTS.
Jake Mulvey 6 pts.
Devin Banks 4 pts.
Desean Jacob 1 pt.

High Point Central top scorers:
Juwan Foggie 15 points
Pratt 6 pts.
Smith 6 pts.
Seals 6 pts.

*****Interview with winning coach Thomas ‘Ice’ Griffiths from the Grimsley Whirlies coming up on Tuesday morning…..*****
(Scoring info from Grimsley scorebooks.)


  1. Congrats to Coach Gunn! One of the reasons that she is such a good coach is that she was a very good player as well. Fundamentally sound and you see that in her teams. There will be plenty more wins to come.

  2. One of the most underrated coaches for a long time in this area. Her Eastern Guilford teams were always consistent winners for years and won with average players whom became marquee players that had the ability to shoot very well. They always either won the conference or conference tournament championship nearly every year during her tenure.

  3. Good job Coach Gunn and wonder how all of those former players from Eastern are doing these days…Sure many are still playing in college somewhere.

    Again, we all are real proud of you Coach Tina Gunn.

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