Where are they now? Keith Manley(Grimsley) and Julius Brooks(Page)

Keith Manley at 6’6 and Julius Brooks at 6’8 used to match up quite a bit back in their high school days….Keith at Grimsley and Julius at Page High School…

I was thinking back to those old games last night, as I was leaving the Grimsley campus and I knew we had to take a ‘Where are they Now’ trip today, to bring those two back into focus….

They are both college seniors now…..

Brooks at Loyola Maryland and Manley at Barton College….

Brooks has been at Loyola for all four years and Manley attended Gardner-Webb his first two years in college, as a Gardner-Webb Bulldog and for his last two years, he became a Barton College Bulldog, for the team formerly known as Atlantic Christian College(ACC), out of Wilson, N.C.

Both young men have been in the starting lineups for the respective basketball teams this season, but lately they have been out of the lineup and maybe the injury bug has bit both…

Have seen both Julius and Keith with at least 6-8 points scored in previous games this season and let’s hope they can keep it rolling, as they head toward graduation….

Julius Brooks(Page High School) at Loyola Maryland and Keith Manley(Grimsley HS) at Barton College, in Wilson, N.C.