High School Basketball High Scorers from Monday and Tuesday’s games

Here is what we have from the Monday and Tuesday games and our cut-off for the boys was 15 points and for the girls this go-around, the cut-off was 12 points….Terell Leach(Southwest Guilford) very steady and very strong for the boys out of the blocks this season and this kid comes in with an agenda to get things done and he does…Cody Hylton(Northwest Guilford) very smooth from three-point land in this early season and he is one of the best around at getting his feet squared up and set to shoot….He can operate under pressure and he has no problem, with letting that defender go flying by him, then he sets and nails the three…

Boys High Scorers:
Terrell Leach(SWG) 33 points
Sadeeq Bello(Westchester) 29 pts.
Cody Hylton(NWG) 24 pts.
Kayano Obi-Rapu(New Garden Friends) 24
Rayshawn Mayfield(Grimsley) 23
Quinton Milner(Western Guilford) 23
Cameron Williams(NGFS) 23
Marshall Macheledt(Caldwell) 23
Mike Bass(SEG) 22
Isaiah Manderson(NGFS) 18
Jackson Kent(HPCA) 17
Caleb Robinson(Eastern Guilford) 17
Grant Griffin(NEG) 16
Xavier Hill-Mais(Page) 16
Austin Lewis(WG) 16
Harry Giles(WES) 16
Houston Miller(Vandalia) 16
Isaiah Gill(HPCA) 16
Michael Seals(HP Central) 16
Kevin Weckworth(Bishop) 16
Jarrett Holland(Ragsdale) 16
Colson Everett(NWG) 15
Juwan Foggie(HP Central) 15
Joseph Bryant(Ragsdale) 15
J. Quick(HP Central) 15
Diante Baldwin(HPCA) 15

Girls High Scorers:
Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford) 25 points
Latricia Smith(Western Guilford) 20 points
Julia Brown(Bishop) 18 pts.
Rogers(SWG) 18 pts.
Kenya Hailey(SEG) 17
Bailey Kargo(Page) 17
Selena Lozada(WG) 16
Debrisha Barnes(Page) 16
Hannah Hauser(Caldwell) 16
Anna Massey(WES) 16
Kara Shutt(SEG) 14
Imani Watkins(High Point Andrews) 14
Holland Robinson(WES) 14
Paris Kea(Page) 13
Karima Dean(WG) 13
Porter(SWG) 13
Amanda Coffer(NG) 13
Casey Johnson(NG) 13
Anna Peterson(Grimsley) 12
Brandi Burrell(NWG) 12
Meghan Speckman(Caldwell) 12
Callie Patterson(Eastern Guilford) 12
Tessa Johnson(Bishop) 12
Paris Johnson(New Hope Christian) 12