First Week of High School Basketball Polls:Looking for a few good #’s

Here is our first installment of our High School Basketball Polls with the Public School Boys, the Private School Boys, the Public School Girls, the Private School Girls and the boys combined poll….These polls can always change on short notice and flexibility has to be a key…..

Here is our first look at this year’s Basketball Polls…..[All records based on MaxPreps reports.)

Boys Public School Poll:
1)TIE:Northwest Guilford(4-0)/Northeast Guilford(4-0)
3)Southwest Guilford(2-0)
7)Eastern Guilford(4-1)
10)High Point Central(2-3)
11)Western Guilford(2-4)
12)Southeast Guilford(1-4)
13)Southern Guilford(1-4)
14)Northern Guilford(0-4)
15)High Point Andrews(0-3)

Boys Private School Poll:
2)TIE:Greensboro Day School(5-0)/High Point Christian(4-1)
4)New Hope Christian(4-3)
5)New Garden Friends School(3-4)
6)Bishop McGuinness(2-0)
7)Vandalia Christian(8-3)
8)Calvary Baptist(5-2)
9)Westchester Country Day(2-3)
10)Caldwell Academy(1-7)
*****Bringing a few schools in like Bishop(private playing public) and Calvary Baptist so we can have a complete 10 school poll listing.*****

Girls Public School Poll:
1)TIE:Dudley(4-0)/Page(4-0)/Southeast Guilford(5-0)
4)Northern Guilford(4-0)
5)High Point Andrews(4-0)
6)Southwest Guilford(1-2)
7)Western Guilford(3-2)
8)Southern Guilford(3-2)
12)Eastern Guilford(1-4)
13)Northwest Guilford(0-3)
14)Northeast Guilford(0-4)
15)High Point Central(0-6)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(5-1)
2)New Hope Christian(6-0)
3)New Garden Friends School(10-2)
4)Bishop McGuinness(1-1)
5)Calvary Baptist(6-0)
6)Vandalia Christian(4-1)
7)Caldwell Academy(5-3)
9)Westchester Country Day(1-3)
10)High Point Christian Academy(0-2)

Boys Combined Poll:
4)TIE:Northeast Guilford(4-0)/Northwest Guilford(4-0)
6)Southwest Guilford(2-0)
10)Eastern Guilford(4-1)

15 thoughts on “First Week of High School Basketball Polls:Looking for a few good #’s

  1. Where do you get your information, Andy? The caldwell girls are 5-3. At least they both add up to 8. We should not even talk about credibility in news reporting—Oh, it’s OK, since it’s a blog. LOL.

  2. Is Wesleyan boys that good for number one. What changed since last year, when they had 3 bigtime players with no rebounding or chemistry. I must go see why they are number one.

  3. Nobody will touch Wesleyan this year. They have been athletic and talented for as long as Gatlin has been there but this is the year they figure it all out. No way HPCA or GDS has anything for them. Just ask everyone around their program, this is the year. Too talented, too athletic, just ask the guys that do all the highlight films, they are completely unstoppable

  4. Do they have any inside presence? I know Pinson and Richmond are good from last year team. Are the new additions to the team any good. We will see who comes out on top

  5. Good news Caldwell girls are (5-3)….Their boys are (1-7)….We’ll get them tweaked…

    Max Preps has HP Andrews with one loss and that was to Rosman…

    That one is on their schedule and check on that one and get back to me….

    Loads of teams to keep up with and we’ll do some tweaking and thanks for the response…

    Let us know how your team is doing and how we are doing….

    HPA check on that Rosman game for me and find out where it came from…

  6. Got the Caldwell girls adjusted…Just of matter of double-checking the MaxPreps pages and we again remind all coaches to keep your records and schedules updated at MaxPreps…

    The change in the record only moved the Caldwell girls up a couple of spots in the poll, from 9 to 7 I think it was, but it restore their record to its proper standing and we are glad we got that squared away…

  7. Wesleyan has two inside additions that both start. The top ranked FR in the country, 6’9″ Harry Giles, and Northeast transfer, 6’8″ Donovan Gilmore. I thin last year, their problem was that Theo Pinson and Montay Brandon couldn’t find a way to really compliment each other. This year they don’t have that problem. But whoever said that they shouldn’t worry about HPCA is crazy. Wesleyan is playing in 3 national tournaments, one in Florida, one in Milwaukee, and the Chickfila classic in Columbia SC, a tournament thy Oak Hill won last year. Even with all that, I think HPCA will be their hardest opponent. I also think that WCA and HPCA are very undervalued in the national and regional rankings.

  8. Andrews never played Rosman. Maxpreps is wrong. They’ve played 4 games and racked four victories. As I said, Lexington twice, central, and smith. Rosman isn’t even on their schedule.

  9. Got the record adjust for HP Andrews and it did not change their overall in the poll yet, but keep an eye on Andrews, they could definitely contend hard on the 2-A level with Watkins and crew….They may be set to pass some teams in our poll in future weeks…

  10. andy,dudley at number 6 in the poll? dudley has played christ school the number one team in the state and Gw danville who beat grimsley in a scrimmage by 56 and those are there only two losses. dudley has a tough schedule and they also beat northeast by 20 in a scrimmage so dudley should defiently be number 1.

  11. Right now Dudley at (2-2) and we are going to give the Panthers time to work their way up and I have a feeling that they will….

    Others beware of the Panthers and the teams above them have to make a concerted effort not to slip and Dudley must continue to take care of busniess and go out and make some more statements in the upcoming games…

    Dudley knows how to take care of business.

  12. Besides, Christ School isn’t #1 in the state. This is the least talented CS team I’ve seen in 10 years.

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