Wrestler whose obituary shows up on national web sites says, “Hey I’m not dead, but thanks for the kind remarks”

DC Drake age 55, who was pronounced dead on Monday, was speaking out on Wednesday and saying, “Hey I’m not dead, but thanks for all of the kind words in regards to my incorrect passing/death”….

Ever wonder what people will say about you and think about you after you are gone???

This man, DC Drake knows….

Word of his death hit many major web sites on Monday and by Wednesday afternoon, Drake had a good feel for what the good people thought about him while he was alive, now that they were sharing their feelings about him, with kind words and memories after his death, or least what everyone thought was his passing, but Drake was not dead and he is alive today….

The former professional wrestler from the Northeastern part of the United States, has now spoke out and you can read what this once supposive ‘dead man’ is saying and you to take this one to heart, as here you have a, ‘DEAD MAN TALKING’ and a ‘Dead Man Walking’……

Ever wonder what it be like to read your own obituary in print, CLICK HERE and you can see what DC Drake is saying about his past, his present and his hope for the future, cause this man is not DEAD……