Bob Costas was ‘Right’, but his comments were taken ‘Wrong’

Here is what NBC’s Bob Costas said and his right on the money…If the Kansas City Chiefs’ Jovan Belcher didn’t have that gun last Saturday, he and his girlfriend would be alive today….

Bob Costas:
“If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun,” Costas told a TV audience of more than 20 million, “he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

Don’t we need some tighter/stricter gun control laws??? With the exception of guns for hunting use, how cans guns be of any good use at all, except to hurt some innocent person……

Bob Costas has become the main ‘target’ for gun-g ho reacters all across the nation and they are ‘firing back’ at Bob and saying he was ‘out of line’ with his remarks…..

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  1. That is a valid point and I thought about that, but the girlfriend might still be here…

    At least one life could have been spared….

    Belcher might have looked for another way to take his own life if he did not have a gun, but again the young lady’s life could have been spared…

    The guns make it too easy to wipe somebody out….

    Sad, sad way to see someone be taken out of this world….

    Would have hated to been the coach and the GM that had to stand there and see Belcher end it all right in front of them….

    Very, very sad story…..

  2. Guns in the wrong hands end lives.

    This is not right.

    This whole story about the KC Chief player is messed up.

    The KC Chief player should have been locked up.

    Belcher was CRAZY and crazy people should not possess guns.

  3. It’s not the guns….it’s the “gat” culture. People who want guns will always get guns.

    Did we learn nothing from prohibition?

    So long as guns are cool and provide street cred, they are going to around. And when they are around, they are going to be used. But laws won’t change the supply. You have to change the demand, you have to change the culture.

  4. Plus…..Bob took the opportunity to promote a political, liberal agenda against guns.

    As opposed to talking to a largely male, very masculine audience about domestic violence which is far more rampant.

    He ignored the 10,000 women who get “beat down” every month and focused on 1 who got shot because a conservative gun was involved.

    If Belcher didn’t abuse his girlfriend she’s be alive today.

  5. He could’ve just as easily stabbed her with a knife. Are we going to restrict knives next?

    Criminals will always have guns. Outlawing guns will just mean regular people will not be able to defend ourselves against the criminals.

    Though I’d be ok with limiting or outlawing things like an ak47.

  6. Conservatives argue for limiting the right to a speedy trial because terrorists are dangerous. Liberals argue for taking away my right to bear arms because people like Belcher use them in unspeakably horrific ways. Hell, the mayor of New York wants to take away my right to buy a big cup of Coke while in his city because obesity has become such an epidemic. Where does it end? Taking away free speech, freedom of the press? Restricting our right to peaceably assemble? Whittling away our very liberty?

    Liberty and democracy are not the same things!

    Democracy means the majority decides what rules govern us. Liberty is the idea that we all have certain rights that cannot be taken away, not even by a majority. These are the “inalienable rights” of the Declaration of Independence, and when we give them up voluntarily, for whatever reason no matter how altruistic, what we find is all we have done is given more rights to the government that were intended for us.

    Doing so makes us less safe, not more.

    So I absolutely believe in “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” just as I do the right to a trial by jury and freedom of religion. And as tragic as this Belcher murder-suicide story is, as much as my heart breaks for that little girl, the answer is not taking away or willingly giving up the right of Americans to bear arms.

    Because if we give up our liberty for the mirage of safety, what really have we won?

    -Jen Engel

  7. Well Andy now you’re using your website to advance your politics. Don’t hide behind double entendre (double meaning) headlines.

    Is this a case of using your means (the website) to justify the ends (your gun control views)?

    Let’s have one news/sports source that is not slanted politically… what journalism is meant to be and not what it has become. You’ll still get you advertising dollars.

  8. For real, I have always used my platforms to give people a chance to express their opinions and get people talking, and it seems to have worked over the past 26 years….

    How do you intend to defend yourself when you even know of the guy or the women coming up behind you has a gun???

    It is very tough to limit how people will use firearms and even tougher to determine what their intent might be……

    We live in a very dangerous and ever-changing society and the next post we are working on is even more succeptible to violence and that will be the first edition of our High School Basketball Polls…

    If a person purchases a shotgun or a rifle you would think the intent would be for hunting, but we can’t be totally sure….Nothing wrong with a good hunting trip….

    If a person purchases a handgun or owns a handgun, I guess you never know….If they own the weapon for self-defense, let us please hope that they never have to use that gun and that they are not easily provoked and do they carry that gun with them at all times???

    That sounds dangerous and it sounds like if they have a permit to carry the handgun with them, they may be more apt to use it……

    When does someone jump the gun???

    Should we be overly concerned with the increase of axe sales if that issue arises???

    Many different ways to look at all of this and let’s don’t go looking for excuses to use our weaponry….

    As my great granddaddy once said to me, “The only weapon that I own is my two bare/bear hands”…….

  9. Here’s a good thought for you and then I will head on over to those very dangerous basketball polls….

    “Shoot hoops, not guns”……

  10. So when it comes to OJ Simpson case, do we ban knives? How about martial arts? Sticks? Stones?

    Bullying on the internet has lead to suicide. Should we censor the internet?

    You weren’t provoking thought. You furthered your personal agenda and then tried to back off.

    Be different than the rest of corrupted journalism.

    That’s my view.

  11. There is such a thing as starting a fire and then letting the others around the fire roast their marshmellows…

    My granddaddy on my mother’s side always said if throw a stone/rock make sure you make contact and then be prepared to run fast…..

    Count one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi and then high-tail it….

    We could go back and forth on this all day and all night long too, but in the end I feel my experience and knowledge on these topics of interest will win out…

    Duty calls and back to polls and as they say at the Bob Costas Family Reunions, only his hairdresser knows for sure where Bob really stands and he is for sure a man of good standing at his local financial institution….

    As some folks up the street have told me,

    “In SunTrust We Trust”…..

    Now where were we on those those polls and why all the problems with these guns, why don’t the hunters just procure a good dadgum rabbit gum, instead of a rabbit gun…

    A rabbit gum will serve the same purpose, ‘Rabbit Stew’…..And I know I am right as usual about that one…..

    On to the basketball polls/poles we go….

    Gun control or basketball poll, I guess it all about the same in the end…..

    But in all seriousness, when lives are at stake, it is no laughing matter and I hope we find a solution to all of the violence that we are seeing…..

  12. “We could go back and forth on this all day and all night long too, but in the end I feel my experience and knowledge on these topics of interest will win out…”

    Wow. Get over yourself dude. I’ve owned guns and carried guns throughout my life in every sort of situation. It never made me a killer.

    The only way you “win” this argument is by cutting me off. And the argument isn’t your OPINIONS on gun control. The argument is your lack of objective journalism and excessive non-sports related opinion on a sports website.

    Blow as hard as you want Andy, you’re wrong to do this and you know it.

  13. Yes and it does depend on what you do with the guns and I still feel this makes for a good conversation and if I don’t work as the blowhard my friend, the conversation will end….

    Who would like the floor next?

  14. Here is a thought…. if you don’t like what Andy says….. go to another website…. Guns don’t kill by themselves.

  15. You actually think Criminals will obey gun laws? You’re a special kind of Stupid, aren’t you?

  16. Fact is little by little the Government is slowly taking away our rights as FREE men and women in the United States! 1st its making you have their health care…..Today its Guns…Tomorrow they might be taking something more from us. When is it enough? I don’t know about you guys but I don’t need Government to hold my hand and tell me how to live my life!!!!

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