Dudley Panthers’ box score on win tonight over Reidsville Rams

Courtesy of Dudley Panther Basketball

Dudley 88
Sam Hunt 21
Devan Gregory 16
BJ Pittman 14
Yua Shol 8
Spencer Abraham 5
Issac Brunson 3
David Warren 1
Jamar Weathers 2
Emmanual Mosely 6
Chris Register 2
Evan Brockington 2
Khalil Vance 8

Reidsville 63
Galloway 8
Smith 2
Scales 7
Burham 6
Jacobs 27
Courts 2
Jones 8
Poteat 2
Pinkard 2


  1. Good game last night, I was really impressed with Devan Gregory,playing with a little pain to his foot. H really showed he is a team player. Thank goodness he didn’t have to stay on his foot the hold game, they really gona need him against gw, and all the team, 16 points not bad kid. Good Luck this year PANTHERS

  2. Does anyone on here have a basketball roster for Reidsville. They are playing my school (Dan River) in a tournament in late December.

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