High School Basketball Wednesday Morning rewind:Observations from last night’s games

Just a few observations from last night’s game/games….

Kara Shutt(SEG) might be the best pure three-point shooter we have out there on the girl’s side so far this season….From the outside right side, she is deadly….Needs to get the feet set and who doesn’t and she had 18 points first half last night at NEG and I believe it was on 4-5 three’s and they were falling from the outside right…Bailey Kargo went for 13 points in one quarter earlier this season, but Shutt was letting the shutters/shooters touch fly wide-open last night, at NEG….

NEG’s Gabby King has some talent on very young and developing Rams girls team and she can handle the ball well and she looks and reminds me of Mercedes King, who was at NEG and All-Conference about 5 years ago…Gabby King has that knee brace and that slows down/hinders her game to some degree….Not sure the shape of that knee…

NEG boys with Grant Griffin, Mohammad Tijani and Anfernee Ellis have a real solid three-man scoring machine going on so far this young season….Grant Griffin was putting fans out of their seats and into the floor with his head-fakes last night…He got SEG defenders into the air and off the floor and went on to hit at least three easy shots in the lane, with his head-fakes last evening at NEG…He kept getting the opposition off their feet and the coach told you, “to never leave your feet”….

Big game NWG boys(6-0) at the Page boys(4-1) tonight….Cody Hylton and Nick Powell have been red-hot with outside shooting in the young season for the Viknigs and you’ll see that Page defense with the quick guards in Jalen Gavin, Carter Stanley, Ty Graves and Anthony Eaves getting out there and they will have to ‘man-up’ tonight…Stanley’s strength may help him in the defensive strategy for the Pirates tonight and Gavin’s quickness is always a bonus…Hylton and Powell can light it up and you don’t need me to tell you that….

Who is the hottest around????? Must be Terrell Leach at Southwest Guilford….He had 36 points last night and he has been averaging 30 per game since the middle of Week One of the season….SWG and Leach will bring ‘The Ranch’ to Northwest, on Friday night…..

More observations to appear later on today…..