High School Basketball Tonight for 12/13/12

Not many games going on tonight but we have:

West Forsyth at Dudley(Girls Only) 7:30pm…Last year, West Forsth had one of the best girls teams in the state and I do believe that they were the team that knocked Southwest Guilford(Cowgirls) out of the West Regionals…Tori Cook maybe one of the top Titans last year???

Bishop McGuinness at Winston-Salem Prep
Surry Home at AHA(American Hebrew Academy)

The New Garden Friends Girls and Boys basketball teams will play host to Charlotte Country Day School today (12-13-12) at the Bears’ Arts and Athletic center on Pleasant Ridge road. The girls tip off at 5:30 and the boys will follow at around 7:00.


  1. Andy, dudley boys play GW danville tommorow night and the last time they played was a classic that is the game of the week hope to see you in attendance!

  2. Leaning toward SWG at NWG on Friday night…Want to catch that conference matchup and see how Terrell Leach(SWG) fares vs. the Vikings at NWG…

    Unless I am deceased, you will see me at Smith next Tuesday night for Big Ben L. Smith vs. Dudley game with Seagraves(Dudley) and Partee/Waddell(Dudley/ now Smith) going agaist their old school for the first time….

    That ought to be the early entry for ‘Gate of the Year’……..

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