Official Plate/Box for Day One of the ‘Twelve Days(Meals) of Christmas’ from Golden Corral

*****All names for Friday December 14 must go in here.*****
Twelve(12) Days(Meals) of Christmas from Golden Corral and Jeff Summey on Lawndale Drive, in Greensboro….This the Official Box for Day One of the 12 Days(Meals) of Christmas….

On the first day of Christmas who wants the FREE BUFFET from the Golden Corral???

Leave your name and we will have our Santa Claus Don Moore draw the winning name at the end of the day, later on this evening….Only One Win per person and be sure to leave a valid E-mail address so we can get in touch with you….

Will start mailing winning meals out on Thursday of next week….Have to go Golden Corral on Lawndale and get the prizes from Mr. Jeff Summey first….

Good luck and you must leave your name each day to start the new selection process…No names will be carried over from the previous days entries and the this is the official box for the First Day of Christmas and let the meals begin….