Scott Satterfield new football coach at Appalachian State and some still feel that Moore got a bad ‘boot’

Scott Satterfield, the former quarterback for the Appalachian State Mountaineers, will become ASU’s new head football coach, according to published reports in the Winston-Salem Journal….CLICK HERE for those reports on Satterfield, taking the field as the APPS new head coach….

App’s former coach Jerry Moore, who won three National Championships at the DI-AA level and his team knocked off the Michigan Wolverines 34-32 back in 2007, has left Appalachian with ‘black cloud’ hanging over the program and around the neck of ASU AD Charlie Cobb….

Coach Moore was booted to the curb by Cobb, just one day after APP had lost in Round One of this year’s playoffs and Coach Moore wanted one more year at the helm of the Mountaineer’s football program, but AD Cobb said NO MOORE and out the door for the long-time coach and ‘Mountaineer Mentor’……

No Mas for Mr. Moore and he was shown the door by AD Cobb….Was that any way to treat a true legend, like Coach Jerry Moore???


  1. Andy,
    No one knows what went on internally before the season started. I can tell you that it was a done deal with Satterfield before the season started and that Moore knew this but didn’t want to announce at that time. He since had a change of heart which and many internally are outraged at Moore. I’m sure Cobb would love to be able to tell the “whole story” but wishes to move on.

  2. As you can tell I am siding with Coach Moore here all the way…

    If he did have a change of heart then I think that APP and Cobb should have honored that change…What difference would one year make?

    Satterfield is only 39 years old and I bet he wouldn’t have minded waiting one more year to take over the team at App….

    Coach Moore ahould have gone out as the legend he is and not have been kicked to the curb by Cobb and his staff….

    This gives Appalachian a ‘Black and Gold Eye’ if you ask me….Just my opinion and would be intrested in what others would have to say….

    ‘Coach Emerius’ Jerry Moore for one more year, what is wrong with that approach, the coach’s wishes should have been honored and if Cobb has to fall on the sword, so be it….If things go sour next year, he is going to be eating the sword and a load of crow to go with it any way….

  3. Andy,
    Cobb may indeed fall on that sword but he is one heck of a fund raiser and will be 10 times more successful in his career than you or I put together. Just ask the folks at NC State who was instrumental in their fund raising efforts and they’ll tell you that Cobb was the “driver”. It’s all about money and expectations were not met the past several years.

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