Top Eleven High School Football Players from Guilford County from this past season(Brian Formica, Mike Ellis, and Dennis White now on board)

Time to come up with that final list of the high school football season and here goes with regardless of position, the Top 11 players from this past season….

See what you think and if you have time in-between all of your Christmas shopping, send us your list….Brian Formica, from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports, has joined and we are expecting others too…..

Top 11 of 2012:
TJ Logan(Northern Guilford)
Richard Hayes III(Dudley)
Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford)
Rubin Crosby(High Point Central)
Austin Simmons(Northern Guilford)
Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford)
Carter Stanley(Page)
Marquelle Cartwright(High Point Andrews)
Winston Craig(Ragsdale)
Jordan Putnam(Page)
Tre Purcell(Nortnern Guilford)

Top 11 from Brian Formica WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and
1) TJ Logan (Northern Guilford)
2) Richard Hayes III (Dudley
3) Malik Mosely (Southern Guilford)
4) Marquelle Cartwright (HP Andrews)
5) Jordan Putnam (Page)
6) Carter Stanley (Page)
7) Reggie Gallaspy (Southern)
8) Colson Herndon (Ragsdale)
9) Reid Baxter (NW Guilford)
10) Camden Ball (Southern)
11) Tre Purcell (Northern)

Here is the Top 11 list that we received from Dennis White with

RB #11 Marquez Eleazer(Ragsdale)
QB #10 Justin Johnson(High Point Central)#10
OL/DL #9 Austin Simmons Northern Guilford)
PK #8 Alex Hassler(Northern Guilford)
FB/DL #7 Ryan Johnston(Northern Guilford)
RB #6 Jalen Gavin(Page)
RB #5 Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford)
QB #4 Richard Hayes III(Dudley)
RB#3 Malik Mosley Southern Guilford)
LB# 2 TJ Ruff led (Northern Guilford) in tackles 117
RB#1 TJ Logan(Northern Guilford)

Mike Ellis'(Jamestown News)Top 11 Football Players from Guilford County from this past year. Mike only listed those players that he saw play and they are listed in no particular order:

TJ Logan – Player – Northern Guilford
Austin Simmons – OL/DL – Northern Guilford
Duncan Sparks – MLB – Ragsdale
Winston Craig – DL – Ragsdale
Reid Baxter – RB – Northwest Guilford
Jordan Putnam – QB – Page
Carter Stanley – DB – Page
Richard Hayes – QB – Dudley
Germaine Pratt – DB – HP Central
Will Johnson – Kicker – HP Central
Justin Johnson – QB – HP Central

*****Very top above, based on the games I(Andy) saw and the numbers that I have been studying from this season…Send your list or your response….*****