High School Basketball Tonight for 12/18/12:Send us your scores tonight!

Score from Monday night with girls and now boys score we have:Southern Guilford 60, High Point Central 14….SG girls now (4-5)…Southern Guilford won the boys game 54-45 over High Point Central…..

Tonight we have a BIG night planned with:
Mount Tabor at Ragsdale(Boys only) 7:30pm…Mt. Tabor is REAL TOUGH…Very quick and nothing gets in the lane past those long out-stretched Spartan arms…Knock-away, take-away, dash-away all…Look out Tigers….Don’t let it be for you tonight, ‘The Muse(Tabor coach Andy) that stole Christmas’……
Dudley at Smith..Girls at 6pm and boys at 7:30ish….HUGE Game and BIG crowd expected…Get there early….Girls’ game shows very big advantage for Dudley, but in rival games, who knows? Hope Essence Abraham is back for Dudley…Boys game will be one for the books with Derrick Partee of Smith(coach) going up against his old team that he played for and coached for since 1992….That is a long time as a Dudley Panther, 1992…..Williams, Woods must have the goods for Smith; Gregory and Hunt look to push Dudley in front and keep them there, on the road…Secondary players/non-name players will make the overall difference and determine the final outcome…Game players always come ready, the other kids you don’t expect to get it from, will be your difference-makers….
Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford….TJ Logan is back and this ought to be a WAR, girls score last time out was 46-41 and Lady Vikings still looking for their first win of the year…Is tonight, the night, the night, the night for the NWG girls and the NG boys???
Southeast Guilford at Grimsley…SEG girls are on a roll and should keep right on rolling and boys game might be a close one…Neither boys team has established themselves this season…Both still major works in progress…
Western Guilford at Page….I see a big edge for Page in both of these games…Girls Page is even better than last year and boys, Page is just beginning to come together and I don’t think that the WG boys can pull together fast enough to win this game….Gavin, Graves, Eaves, Stanley, now Sykes and Hill-Mais, Page has too much and it is a young team with three freshmen on board, as key contributors(Graves, Eaves and Sykes)….
Northeast at Eastern Guilford….The NEG boys have very quietly run out to an unbeaten start to this season at (6-0) and that should propel them into another favorites role again this evening…NEG boys behind Tijani, Griffin and Ellis are becoming a threat to make some major noise, at next week’s TIMCO Invitational Tournament….Still some unfinished business to take care of at Eastern(Gibsonville) tonight….
High Point Andrews at Southwest Guilford….I see the SWG boys moving on in this one if they have the mental focus where it needs to be…The Cowboys have the talent with Leach, Langley and company and they can extend their successful start with another key victory tonight…HPA girls and SWG will battle….HPA girls have yet to lose and the SWG Cowgirls have nothing to lose here and they will play excellent defense and they will force the tempo of this game..Can they turn HPA mistakes into points? That will tell the tale of this game…HPA knows what is at stake, their season is on the line every time they take the court…That is the way you have to approach the games, when you have no losses on your record….Burgins, Rogers for SWG and Watkins, Davis for HPA….Great expectations for this girls’ game….SWG at home coming off of big win last Friday night at NWG and HPA coming to ‘The Ranch’ without a loss??? Has possibilities……


  1. “Page Pirate says:
    December 18, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    Western Girls have no chance against our Kargo and company!”


    Relax Ray.

  2. You would think that this Page girls team was the best team ever put together at Page or any other school that this city has ever produce according to their fans. I almost feel sure for anybody that will have to play this Page girls team at this point. Maybe everybody should just hand Page the conference title, Timco title, and State title and just move on to the softball and track season early next year.

  3. I think it’s time to re-evaluate Greensboro’s girls basketball sweetheart. No offense to Kea but the young lady has been plagued with injuries since she has started her high school career and now that she is back she isn’t producing the way she should with all the attention and accolades this area has given her. I know at least three girls in the area that are right beside her if not ahead of her right now. They are producing on both ends of the floor and the strength of schedule has been tougher. Although Kea is a top notch player, there are girls in town (only a few) that have EARNED the right to take over the crown.

  4. Like who?

    I would be curious to hear/see a few of those names…

    Paris has been playing team ball because she has a strong team built around her…

    In a one-on-one matchup? Who is up and who is down???

    But sometimes you don’t look as dominant when you are playing true team basketball….

    Let’s see what happens between now and the end of 2012….If Page defends their Little Four Title and Paris ends up as MVP then we don’t have any arguement….

  5. I don’t agree with the above post about Kea but there are others who have good teams around them and still producing. However, if you are limiting her to the Little Four MVP then you are not setting high expectations. When did the Little Four become bigger than a state championship?

    Andy do you think that maybe people stop posting on your site as much because you seem biased to certain players/ coaches?

  6. How can anyone be crowned queen of Greensboro because of a Christmas Tournament? Page will make the finals, how hard will it be to beat NE Guilford (0-8), and then the winner between Ragsdale (3-6) vs NWG (0-8)……that’s some tough schedule for your so called team of dreams……the Timco Christmas tournament is a joke……..Let’s do everyone a favor and open the tournament up and crown true public school champions…..no offense to private school….but we have guidelines and age restrictions to play by.

  7. I am an outside observer and I can clearly say without a doubt that Paris is the best player on that Page team. The other players are good players but Paris is an exceptional player that enjoys setting up her teammates as much as she enjoys scoring. She is already a proven player in this city and beyond. The other girls are the ones that need to prove they can carry their part of the show. Page will go as far as Paris leads them. The Little 4 next week will have some great players coming in from Northern and Greensboro Day. Maybe Page needs to settle who is the chief and who are the followers. There can only be one chief – it’s chief Kea.

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