High School High Scorers from Monday and Tuesdays games

Boys cut-off for the list this time will be 15 points and the girls cut-off today is 12 points…If we let anyone out just let us know and the list is coming in from the Monday night and Tuesday night high school basketball games…

Boys High Scorers:
TC Daniels(Vandalia Christian) 27 points
Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford) 25 points
Sam Hunt(Dudley) 24 points
Austin Lewis(Western Guilford) 23 points
Grant Griffin(Northeast Guilford) 20 points
Xavier Hill-Mais(Page) 19 points
JT Williams(Smith) 18 points
Bennie Butler(High Point Andrews) 18 points
TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) 17 points
Carmoni Marks(WG) 16 pts.
Kaleb Holt(Smith) 15 pts.
Tyliek Brister(SWG) 15 pts.

Girls High Scorers:
Keniece Purvis(New Garden Friends School) 23 points
Debrisha Barnes(Page) 20 points
Santia Davis(High Point Andrews) 20 points
Brianna Burgins(Southwest Guilford) 19 points
Aliyah Grinage(Northern Guilford) 18 points
Kenya Hailey(Southeast Guilford) 17 points
Selena Lozada(Western Guilford) 16 points
Kara Shutt(SEG) 16 points
Erin Staunton(NWG) 16 points
Kennedy Porter (SWG) 15 pts
Amanda Coffer(NG) 15 pts.
Bailey Kargo(Page) 15 pts.
Breanna Hatchett(SEG) 14 ppts.
Ariel Ellis(Southern Guilford) 14 pts.
Jocelyn Ford(SG) 14 pts.
Leigh Ramsey(Grimsley) 13 pts.
Essence Abraham(Dudley) 13 pts.
Nya Moore(NG) 13 pts.
Moriah(Mo) Davis(Dudley) 12 pts.
Sydney Smith(NGFS) 12 pts.


  1. Nick Powell with 10 instead of 20…He had 20 on one of our sheets/pages from last week…

    Good eye!

    Got Porter in place and if we have adjustments, just let me know…We are all about getting it right and in the end, we do….

    Seems to be a popular post….Several hits on this one today….

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