Game report: Greensboro Day vs. Hickory Grove Varsity Boys

Greensboro Day School (15-0) vs. Hickory Grove (record unknown) Varsity Boys Basketball

Played at Northwest Guilford High school for the Kernersville Medical Center Shootout

                     1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
   Greensboro Day    14   09   20   20 - 63
   Hickory Grove     08   05   06   08 - 27

Greensboro Day
Bryan Rouse – 3
Montrel Goldston – 4
Darius Moore – 5
Will Dillard – 6
Ben Magod – 2
Will Gardner – 4
Reed Lucas – 9
Christian Hairston – 13
Reggie Dillard – 4
Jonathan Terry – 6
James Milner – 2
Trevor Mayo – 3
Jered Henderson – 2
Trey Weston – 4

Hickory Grove
D. Dodd – 3
C. Marshall – 4
K. Grifin – 6
D. Cherry – 3
Z. Griffin – 8

Submitted by Katie Watson


  1. I know they haven’t played the toughest schedule, but I am going to tell you that GDS can really play defense. Teams aren’t just not scoring, it doesn’t seem like they are shooting. Their five seniors have bought in to the defense wins theory and it looks like the young ones are coming around as well. I have been watching and not posting for a few weeks. Disappointed in who they are playing, but there were college coaches in the gym today to look at kids on the opposing team. I don’t know how they could like them, but they were there looking at them. GDS makes average teams look really really bad. It is like the old Steel Curtain!! Can’t wait to see them in January to see if they can guard HPC and Wesleyan that way also. Those teams have some firepower.

  2. I have watched GDS play a few games this year and HPC once. They may not have the talent that HPC or Wesleyan has but they play defense. GDS has an asst coach that has one of the best defensive minds around. I would not be surprised if some college would grab him. It seems that their coaching staff works together well. I am impressed of the way the team works together as a unit.

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