Media Report on Dudley-WS Reagan boys tonight

WS Reagan 62
Dudley 54

Sam Hunt 22
Khalil Vance 14
Devan Gregory 8
Jamar Weathers 4
Emmanuel Moseley 4
Issac Brunson 2


  1. I was glad to see the home team win, but I got to say I’ve never seen coaches like Dudley show the lack of confidence in there top players. at one point there was not a shooter on the floor for over 5 min. any player can have a bad night, last night it was the Dudley coaches.the coaches dug a hole that the players couldn’t pull them out of.. Good Luck Panthers

  2. what kind of comment or statement is that? you are questioning a coaches choice? if you are a writer next time ask him why he did what he did. lets not forget who is the spectator and who is the coach? it kills me to see how narrow minded some people are. everyone is undefeated in the stands they have all the answers, wow. seagraves keep doing what you doing brother you know how to coach.

  3. I agree with crazy comment! My son plays for Dudley, and Seagraves is the coach, fans really should respect all the coaches choices. we never know whats really going on setting in the stands. just injoy the game. Great job Coach.We’ll win tonight…

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