TIMCO Tournament Winners Courtesy of Steak n Shake

Here are first FIVE Winners and we will do five more tomorrow starting at 12 NOON….Tickets will be at Coliseum Special Events Will Call for you next Wednesday afternoon(DEC 26)…

Suzanne Billips
John Gatling
Bruce Putnam
Tashelle Caldwell
Lauren Rigsbee

Congratulations Courtesy of Steak n Shake


  1. One ticket book but it will get you in for three days…

    Two tickets with one each good for Wednesday or Thursday and one ticket good for the Championshiip Game…

    I think it works two $7.00 tickets and one $10.00 ticket….

  2. And let’s also thank our good friends at Steak n Shake….Thanks Steve and Jane Warren and Happy Holidays to Steak n Shake…

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